Thursday , 22 March 2018
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How quick is a 5G Network? Try 71Gbps

At GITEX, Etisalat demonstrated a fastest 5G live trial- reaching a whopping speed of 71Gbps. The ‘pre-commercial’ 5G site was handling over e-band regulating 2Ghz of bandwidth as good as large MIMO.

Besides a record-breaking speeds, Etisalat also showcased a use of 5G in healthcare, 4K video, Ultra High Quality Video and face approval during GITEX. Etisalat also showcased ‘Ultra High Quality Video’ over 5G by a 360 grade camera mounted during a mount and streaming live footage over a 5G network.

Saeed AlZarouni, Senior Vice President, Mobile Network, Etisalat said, “Today Etisalat’s investments in a destiny will play a pivotal purpose in bringing expansion and creation in a nation also laying a substructure for intelligent city development.”

5G is a subsequent step in a expansion of high-speed mobile broadband services, moulding a sourroundings for flourishing ‘Internet of Thing’ and intelligent cities to turn a approach of life for finish users.

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