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Honor 8 Pro outdoes a Galaxy S8 with 4,000mAh battery and sub-£500 cost tag

HONOR HAS expelled a latest handset, a Honor 8 Pro. The contentious “start-up within Huawei” has already expelled a device in China as a Honor V9, though now we get to see a worldwide recover as a large hermit to a stream line, rather than a successor.

That’s not to contend it’s only a bigger shade chronicle of a Honor 8, one of a favourite phones from final year, oh no. It adds in 64GB storage, 6GB of RAM, 4K video recording on a 4K screen, and a 4,000mAh battery that, interjection to some AI jiggery-pokery, can give twin days of standard use off a singular charge.

In fact, we’ll improved that. We’ve had a representation sitting on a shelf, switched on, for 6 days and a still during 27 per cent. 

The shade is 5.7in and offers a 4K resolution, while a octa-core processor is Huawei’s Kirin 960 clocking during 2.4GHz, with a Mali G71 GPU, that we’re told is a gaming provide and a VR joy. Sadly, since it’s not an AMOLED screen, it won’t support Google Daydream, though it does offer a possess VR, and Cardboard harmony so good that a box indeed turns into a Google Cardboard.


alt=''As usual, there’s a twin label container – possibly twin SIM, or one SIM and a microSD card. We strictly have to contend that it supports adult to 128GB, though 256GB (and above!) work too. 

Like a predecessor, there’s a twin camera set up. The Honor 8 Pro packs twin 12MP sensors on a rear, one monochrome and one RGB, that a organisation claims provides DSLR-like abyss of margin effects for both print and video shooting.

Just as with a strange Honor 8, it will come in black, bullion (for a Russians) and a company’s signature midnight blue. What is missing, however, is a neat small symbol within a fingerprint sensor that we desired so most on a original, transposed by a unchanging fingerprint sensor on a behind and a steel outdoor replacing a potion of a flagship.

This one’s an online disdainful from retailing during £474 that is a whole lot of phone for underneath £500. µ



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