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Honor 8 Pro outdoes the Galaxy S8 with 4,000mAh battery and sub-£500 price tag

HONOR HAS released its latest handset, the Honor 8 Pro. The self-styled “start-up within Huawei” has already released the device in China as the Honor V9, but now we get to see its worldwide release as a big brother to the current line, rather than a successor.

That’s not to say it’s just a bigger screen version of the Honor 8, one of our favourite phones from last year, oh no. It adds in 64GB storage, 6GB of RAM, 4K video recording on a 4K screen, and a 4,000mAh battery that, thanks to some AI jiggery-pokery, can give two days of typical use off a single charge.

In fact, we’ll better that. We’ve had a sample sitting on a shelf, switched on, for 6 days and its still at 27 per cent. 

The screen is 5.7in and offers a 4K resolution, while the octa-core processor is Huawei’s Kirin 960 clocking at 2.4GHz, with a Mali G71 GPU, which we’re told is a gaming treat and a VR joy. Sadly, because it’s not an AMOLED screen, it won’t support Google Daydream, but it does offer its own VR, and Cardboard compatibility so good that the box actually turns into a Google Cardboard.


alt=''As usual, there’s a two card slot – either dual SIM, or one SIM and a microSD card. We officially have to say that it supports up to 128GB, but 256GB (and above!) work too. 

Like its predecessor, there’s a dual camera set up. The Honor 8 Pro packs two 12MP sensors on its rear, one monochrome and one RGB, that the firm claims provides DSLR-like depth of field effects for both photo and video shooting.

Just as with the original Honor 8, it will come in black, gold (for the Russians) and the company’s signature midnight blue. What is missing, however, is the neat little button within the fingerprint sensor that we loved so much on the original, replaced by a regular fingerprint sensor on the back and a metal outer replacing the glass of the flagship.

This one’s an online exclusive from vMall.eu retailing at £474 which is a whole lot of phone for under £500. µ



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