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HMRC to sinecure contingent of emissary IT directors for cloud, partnership and IT delivery

HM Revenue Customs (HMRC) is looking for 3 emissary IT directors to assistance it with what it calls ‘a large digital revolution’ – in further to replacing chief information and digital officer (CDIO) Mark Dearnley, who left during a finish of final year. 

It come as a organization grapples with a awaiting of replacing a Aspire mega-outsourcing contracts with Accenture and Capgemini, that had been due to finish this year, though that have been extended for 3 years for a sum that HMRC is refusing to disclose

But now, it wants to sinecure emissary IT directors in 3 opposite areas, all of that will news to a new CDIO. It pronounced it was “building an well-developed group of rarely learned and knowledgable comparison IT leaders from different backgrounds opposite both open and private sectors”.

The initial cavity is for a emissary IT executive for cloud – a purpose that HMRC had initial advertised for behind in Jun 2016. The successful claimant will lead all of HMRC’s IT infrastructure services and hardware, including a smoothness of all cloud services. They will also be obliged for using all IT on a HMRC estate and will be accountable for ensuring that all platforms run effectively.

Applicants should have knowledge of operative in a identical sourroundings and a lane record of operative with a preference of cloud providers and other applicable IT services. HMRC is charity a income of adult to £100,000 for a full-time purpose formed in Telford in a West Midlands.

The second cavity is for a emissary IT executive for IT delivery. According to a pursuit advert, a successful particular will have shortcoming for heading a smoothness of pivotal IT projects formed on 8 core programmes within a HMRC mutation programme, as good as a smoothness of vital IT programmes as they arise. 

Key deliverables include: handling relations opposite a multi-supplier environment, severe retailer solutions, costs and timescales and operative seamlessly with a other organic units in a arch digital and information bureau to grasp ‘flawless delivery’. HMRC is charity between £64,000 and £117,800 for this position, and is stretchable in terms of location.

The third and final opening is for a emissary IT executive that focuses on collaboration.

“As an superb personality and clever communicator we will lead a development, doing and operation of a partnership programme with a far-reaching and energetic operation of partners,” a pursuit advert reads.

It continues: “This will engage formulating an proceed that formula in a step change in opening and culture.”

HMRC is stretchable with courtesy to plcae for this role: a successful claimant could be formed in London, Newcastle, Manchester, Telford, Shipley or Worthing. It is charity a income of adult to £100,000 per annum for this position.

The organization records that all of a emissary directors are members of a department’s comparison government group and are approaching to play an active purpose in a ongoing growth of a organisation.

Applications for a partnership purpose tighten on 12 May 2017, while applications for a emissary IT executive of cloud and IT smoothness roles tighten on 15 May 2017.

Interested possibilities can request here:

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