Friday , 23 March 2018
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Hey, WE’RE confident with how it works!

Pilot fish needs entrance to a common drive, so he creates a support sheet on a new, adorned ticketing complement that a IT use provider rolled out a prior year to reinstate an comparison system.

“A day after we got an email observant that a emanate was resolved, and was invited to fill out of use compensation survey,” says fish. “I checked my entrance to a common expostulate — and found that we still didn’t have access.

“So we reopened a ticket. Then we got an email observant that my sheet was sealed again since a people who indispensable to repair my problem were still regulating a comparison ticketing complement and, by a way, here is a series in a aged ticketing system.”

Trouble is, fish doesn’t have entrance to a aged ticketing system., and I’ll send we a stylish Shark shirt if we use it. Add your comments below, and review some good aged tales in a Sharkives.

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