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Here’s what’s new on Netflix Australia in Jul 2017

As a array of shows and cinema accessible to tide in Australia continues to grow during an considerable rate, it can be tough to keep adult with all a new additions to any streaming use any month.

We’ve all come to design a new fast of Netflix Originals releases any month, though reckoning out that shows they are and when accurately they turn accessible isn’t so easy. And what about a vast array protected shows and films that are done accessible to stream, if usually for a singular time?

In an bid to keep we sensitive of a best shows and cinema that are in a routine of being combined to Netflix, we’ll be bringing we an updated list of what we can design on a use on a monthly basis. 

Not usually that, we’ll also be singling out a biggest releases, as good as a array of peculiarity TV shows and films that we trust merit your time. 

Anyway, adequate jabbering – here’s what’s new on Netflix in Jul 2017.

TV shows highlights for July, 2017

Castlevania (Season 1): Based on a classical video diversion array of a same name, Castlevania is a new Netflix Original anime array from a writer of Dredd. Sounds good to us! Release date: Jul 7, 2017.

Suits (Season 6, 1-10): Harvey, Mike and Co. are behind in a initial 10 episodes of a sixth deteriorate of Suits. Expect things to get severely heated after final season’s cliffhanger. Release date: Jul 14, 2017.

Fargo (Season 3): Once again picking adult with an wholly new story, Fargo deteriorate 3 continues a anthology grounds determined in a initial and second seasons with a whole new set of characters and a opposite time period. This time, Ewan McGregor plays mixed characters, so design some craziness. Release date: Jul 28, 2017.

Movies highlights for June, 2017

Pineapple Express: A waggish stoner comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, Pineapple Express tells a story of an doubtful twin that’s on a run from a drug duke after witnessing a murder. Trust us, it’s a comedy. Release date: Jul 1, 2017.

XX: A four-part fear anthology from a organisation of womanlike filmmakers, XX brings opposite points of perspective to a genre. Release date: Jul 6, 2017.

The Goonies: An ’80s classic, The Goonies follows a organisation of kids who go on an journey to collect bandit treasure. Along a way, they have to understanding with a organisation of criminals who are after a same thing. Release date: Jul 15, 2017.

Cloud Atlas: A mesmerising epic that takes place a array of opposite time durations and genres, Cloud Atlas is true from a mind of a Wachowkis (The Matrix) and Tom Twyker (Run Lola Run). Release date: Jun 25, 2017.

…and a rest for Jul 2017

TV shows and stand-up

Friends From College: Season 1 (14/7/2017)
Ozark: Season 1 (21/7/2017)
Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments: Season 2B (July 11, 18, 25)
Shooter: Season 2 (19/7/2017)
The Standups: Season 1 (4/7/2017)
Aditi Mittal: Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say (18/7/2017)
Ari Shaffir: Double Negative: Collection (18/7/2017)
Joe Mande’s Award-Winning Comedy Special (25/7/2017)
Last Chance U: Season 2
Daughters of Destiny: Season 1
Dawn of a Croods: Season 4 (7/7/2017)
Luna Petunia: Season 2 (7/7/2017)
Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile (14/7/2017)
The Worst Witch: Season 1 (21/7/2017)
The Adventures of Puss in Boots: Season 5 (28/7/2017)
Chelsea: Season 2 (streaming each Friday)
Animal Kingdom: Season 2 (July 11, 18, 25)
Offspring: Season 6 (1/7/2017)
Dance Academy: Series 1 2 (1/7/2017)
Dinosaur Train: Season 3 (1/7/2017)
Hostages (Israel): Season 2 (1/7/2017)
Sonic Boom: Season 1 (1/7/2017)
Break Out: Season 1 (1/7/2017)
El Chema: Season 1 (1/7/2017)
Degrassi: Next Class: Season 4 (8/7/2017)
Real Detective: Season 2 (12/7/2017)

Movies and documentaries

Pineapple Express (1/7/2017)
Friends with Benefits (1/7/2017)
Hot Tub Time Machine (1/7/2017)
Paddington (8/7/2017)
The Shawshank Redemption (16/7/2017)
Nerdland (1/7/2017)
The Exorcism of Emily Rose (1/7/2017)
Hancock (1/7/2017)
Suddenly 30 (1/7/2017)
Snowden (2/7/2017)
Bolt (5/7/2017)
Burn After Reading (7/7/2017)
To a Bone (14/7/2017)
Disturbia (14/7/2017)
Chasing Coral (14/7/2017)
Bring It On: In It to Win It (14/7/2017)
Fool’s Gold (15/7/2017)
The Blind Side (16/7/2017)
Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness (17/7/2017)
The Princess Diaries (19/7/2017)
Save a Last Dance (21/7/2017)
The Untouchables (28/7/2017)
Terminator Genisys (28/7/2017)
The Incredible Jessica James (28/7/2017)

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