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Here’s a subsequent iPad Pro Apple should build: Specs and speculation

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I don't wish an iPad Pro, we wish an OS X tablet

we don’t wish an iPad Pro, we wish an OS X tablet

​Reports are present that Apple is scheming to betray a larger, craving and power-user focused (and positively some-more expensive) iPad called a iPad Pro.

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In Jul 2010, we wrote about the next-generation iPad and what Apple needs to deliver.

Based on information gleaned from updates in iOS and comprehension entrance out of a semiconductor attention during a time, I discriminating a clear ball — in my common quite suppositional approach — of what we suspicion unbroken iPads competence demeanour like, or a facilities they should contain.

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I iterated this over a years — for a third-, fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-generation of a iPad. Some things we got right, some things we got wrong.

Typically, I’ve finished this shortly after an iPad’s release. This time, I’m going to do it usually a few months before, because, adult until recently, we didn’t consider we had adequate clues.

Apple announced a new, lower-cost, Apple Pencil-compatible iPad during a education event usually a few weeks ago, yet it did not announce new iPad Pro models, that have not had a revision given Jun 2017 and, arguably, have not altered many given September 2016.

So, for a functions of this article, with WWDC entrance adult in twin months, we would like to combine on a iPad Pro models and assume what facilities they competence contain.


The Touch ID sensor, that has been partial of a iPad Pro given a pregnancy in 2015, is expected to make a depart with a introduction of a 10-inch and 12.9-inch models in preference of a Face ID sensor in a iPhone X.

The usability changes on a iPhone X were estimable adequate to means some debate given it compulsory poignant user adaptation.

I would design that those folks who did not quit to an iPhone X — who would be regulating Face ID for a initial time on an iPad Pro — would continue identical issues, nonetheless iOS 11 has undergone adequate tweaks in a inserted time duration that a lot of a quirks have been sorted out.

I’m still not crazy with a double-click movement on a side appetite symbol to endorse purchases in a App Store on an iPhone X. I’d substantially dislike it even some-more on an iPad Pro, given we can’t do it one-handed, presumption Apple uses a same UX mechanism.

Another emanate that goes over usability — and unlearning schooled habits with a home symbol and Touch ID with a Face ID-based iPad Pro — is how good we can design Face ID to work on a many incomparable device that is hold serve divided from a face and in twin opposite orientations.

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I tend to use my iPad Pro many in a landscape orientation, given it is a 12.9-inch indication and holding it in a mural mode is cumbersome. On a 10-inch model, it is reduction cumbersome, yet we still feel that many people tend to use this device in landscape due to how many apps are created to take advantage of a shade genuine estate.

Placing a Face ID sensor with a front-facing camera on a tip of a shade in mural mode, as it is on a iPhone X would be aesthetically weird, yet it would substantially still work.

However, if a iPad Pro has a same iPhone X-style “notch” in a identical position on a device, it would expected provoke a lot of users, given it would seem on a right side or a left side of a shade in landscape.

So, we am going to go opposite gathering and contend that on a subsequent iPad Pro, a selfie camera and a Face ID sensor will be placed on a tip of a shade in a landscape course — not a mural one.

As to cameras, it’s really expected that during slightest a 12.9-inch SKU of a iPad Pro will get a front- and rear-camera configurations of a iPhone X, and that includes a twin 12-megapixel (f/1.8, 28mm) sensor in a back and 12-megapixel (f/2.4, 52mm) sensor in a front with visual picture stabilization (OIS).


It is in this area where we trust a many volume of (modest) conjecture is going to occur. The fastest chip Apple has right now is a 2.39Ghz 64-bit A11 Bionic, that utilizes a big.LITTLE-style Hexa-core asymmetrical-multiprocessing design regulating twin incomparable “Monsoon” cores and 4 smaller “Mistral” cores.

The existent A10X in a second-generation iPad Pro utilizes 3 vast “Hurricane” cores and 3 “Zephyr” cores. While Apple could simply dump a existent A11 into a new iPad Pro, we consider they will rider a chip to an A11X, by adding a third Monsoon and a fourth “Mistral” regulating a existent TSMC 10-nanometer process.

I don’t design 4-4 and 4-6 or 6-6 until a introduction of an A12 or A12X potentially in an ARM-based Mac.

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The A11 in a iPhone X uses a M11 suit chip. we design there will be an M12 — but, probably, not until a subsequent iPhone release.

The A11 uses a 3-core tradition Apple GPU, that is a depart from a 12-core PowerVR-based design on a A10X. we design that a core count will substantially increase, expected to 4 or 6 formed on arrangement requirements.

I also feel it is protected to assume that a iPad Pro will have medium RAM improvements over a prior indication and a iPhone X, that had 3GB LPDDR4X onboard. So, 4GB is substantially what we are going to finish adult with, with 32K Instruction/32K Data of L1 and 8GB of L2 cache, respectively.


I trust that a 10-inch chronicle of a iPad Pro is expected to contend a same or identical shade record and specifications as a prior chronicle during 1920×1080, yet a 12.9-inch is expected to bear poignant improvements.

Currently, a 12.9-inch iPad has a 2732×2048 264ppi screen, that uses Apple’s Promotion shade modernise and wide-color arrangement tech. The fortitude of a iPad Pro 12.9-inch has not altered given a launch in 2015, so it is due for a change.

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I trust a 2018 iPad Pro 12.9-inch will be a initial Apple mobile device to confederate a 4K (3840×2160) fortitude shade so that it can devour 4K local calm on a iTunes store, which, currently, usually some of a highest-end Mac systems and Apple TVs connected to 4K televisions can natively display.

While many of a other improvements described in this essay are rarely iterative, a 4K arrangement on an iPad Pro would be a poignant encouragement and depart from what a product has now, yet it would also denote poignant value-add and a reason for existent iPad Pro owners to ascent to a new model.


As to communications and networking, there have been really clever indications that Apple is going to desert a Qualcomm modems in preference of Intel modems in a subsequent iPhone.

Given that Apple ships many fewer iPads than iPhones, in sequence to facilitate a supply chain, we see a association contrast a waters with this early, and we are expected to see an Intel-only LTE modem in a iPad Pro.

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I also design to see a same or a identical USI 339S00448 802.11ac MU-MIMO Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module, that is used in a lower-cost iPad and was usually expelled along with a same Cirrus Logic CS42L42 audio module.

I also consider that, like the iPhones that recently did divided with it, we can finally contend goodbye to a headphone jack in a iPad Pro. If we are still regulating connected headphones (like me), it’s time to mangle out that Lightning-to-Mini jack dongle, in box we haven’t been regulating it on both your iPhone and iPad already.


This is an area that can go twin opposite ways: Either Apple does zero opposite and maintains a standing quo by adhering with Lightning and a USB PD-compatible charging interface, or it does something different.

Going with a 7.5W Qi charging, that a iPhone 8 and iPhone X has, is substantially out of a question.

We already know what a AirPower looks like, and there doesn’t seem to be an easy approach to lay an iPad on tip of one. It would be totally unbalanced. So, while Apple could supply an iPad with Qi charging, it doesn’t seem versed to do it with a possess accessory.

I consider it is really expected a updated iPad Pro will contend a Lightning connector and USB PD from a prior model.

While USB-C-to-USB-C (Thunderbolt) connectivity, as used on a current MacBooks, would be good and inject some long-term reason and attention standards into a equation, there are adequate people who possess both iPhones and iPads that gripping twin (or three) opposite sets of cables would be viewed as annoying.

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It’s bad adequate that those of us who have iPhone 7s and comparison phones have to keep USB-A-to-Lightning cables around. Can we imagine, in sequence to take advantage of the latest quick assign technologies, carrying to keep USB-C-to-Lightning and USB-C-to-USB-C cables (assuming we don’t already do, as a stream MacBook owner), as well?

One reason for relocating to a USB-C-to-USB-C wharf interface would be if Apple motionless to entirely exercise Thunderbolt on an iPad so it could be used as a temporary workstation with a many incomparable outmost display, mouse, keyboard, and an outmost GPU.

This sounds like a healthy expansion for a iPad Pro, quite if we see device joining with a Mac, and a association finally decides to take on Microsoft’s Surface veteran straight markets. we usually don’t see that function this year, though.

What technologies do we consider will be introduced into a new iPad Pro? Talk Back and Let Me Know.






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