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Here’s how we can get iOS 11 now

​Here's how we can download iOS 11 to your iPhone, iPad or iPod hold today

Here’s how we can download iOS 11 to your iPhone, iPad or iPod hold currently

Here’s how we can get entrance to a recover golden master build of iOS 11 currently though carrying to wait until Sep 19 like everybody else.

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Don’t worry — we don’t need to do some crazy penetrate or download some untrustworthy third-party app to make this work. That’s since yesterday Apple done a golden master build of iOS 11 accessible to developers and open beta testers forward of a central launch on Sep 19.

This means that if we wish entrance to it today, all we need to do is pointer adult with a beta program.

To pointer adult to a beta program, we need to go to a following web page using Safari on your iPhone — — and after you’ve sealed adult we will be offering a form to download. After it’s been downloaded, we restart your device and afterwards conduct over to Settings General Software Update to download a update.

Before creation a jump to iOS 11 I strongly advise we check out my essay on how to get your iPhone or iPad prepared for iOS 11. This will give we instructions on how to behind adult your iPhone or iPad so your information is safe, as good as highlighting some of a intensity pitfalls of being one of a initial to make a switch.

Remember, it’s early days, and a golden master build might still enclose bugs!

The good thing about this process is that if we do come opposite a showstopping bug, it’s probable for we to hurl behind to iOS 10.

Also, we can unenroll from a beta module during any time, though it’s safest to wait until after iOS 11 is expelled on Sep 19, to forestall any issues and so that you’ll be sent any last-minute updates to iOS 11 that are expelled between now and a recover date.






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