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Here are a best Android apps of a past year, according to Google

Parsing by Google Play’s endless library of Android apps is a overwhelming task, so Google is saving we a bid by highlighting some of a best to come out in a past year.

The Android builder has announced a nominees for a 2017 Google Play Awards, giving apps opposite 12 opposite categories a possibility for their share of recognition.

You can see any of a nominees and their particular categories here, with a winners receiving their impost on Thursday, May 18 during a Google IO 2017 developer conference.

To qualify, any app was not usually deliberate model in a particular difficulty by Google staff, though also maintains a comparatively high star rating and was possibly launched or significantly updated from Apr 2016 onward.

This also explains how mainstays like Netflix and Hearthstone nabbed a assignment for ‘Best TV Experience’ and ‘Best Multiplayer Game’, respectively, notwithstanding both entrance out good before final April.

Nominated apps

In further to some-more candid categories, dual newcomer-friendly awards embody ‘Standout Startup,’ noticing fast-growing companies like CastBox, Digit, and Discord, and ‘Standout Indie,’ arrangement off eye-catching indie titles like Reigns, Causality, and Mars: Mars.

Smartphones apps aren’t a usually program on parade, with wrist-bound program like Foursquare City Guide and Bring! removing nominations for ‘Best Android Wear.’  Virtual existence wasn’t lost either, as apps like The Arcslinger and a BBC’s The Turning Forest perceived nods for ‘Best VR Experience.’

Some not-so-obvious awards are also on arrangement during this year’s Google Play Awards, such as ‘Best Social Impact’ and ‘Best Accessibility Experience,’ a latter of that highlights apps that correlate “in an innovative approach that serves people with disabilities or special needs.”

Though we don’t have a whole awards uncover designed out like Google, we positively have plenty best Android app recommendations of a own, should we need to know what’s value a-downloading for your Android device.

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