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Heptio launches dual new open source projects that make regulating Kubernetes easier

Heptio, a Seattle-based association recently launched by Kubernetes co-founders Craig McLuckie and Joe Beda, wants to make it easier for businesses to use Kubernetes in production. Since a launch in late 2016, a well-funded company has remained flattering still about a products, though today, a group released two open source projects into a wild: Ark and Sonobuoy.

While Kubernetes’ recognition is flourishing fast (and it’s substantially a many renouned enclosure adaptation complement accessible today), it’s no tip that a ecosystem around it is still in a infancy. There are copiousness of services and open source projects out there that support it, though we’re still really most in a early days. The dual specific problems Heptio is rebellious with a new projects are subsidy adult a state of Kubernetes clusters (Ark) and contrast and diagnosing these clusters (Sonobuoy).

The customary use cases for something like Ark is disaster liberation in box of infrastructure or information loss. “As a business pierce towards prolongation use of Kubernetes, many of them face a plea of handling cluster backups and restorations,” a group records in today’s announcement. “We have seen developers try to redeem clusters from approach replicas of a underlying cluster state (etcd), with sundry success.” Ark creates backups of all cluster objects and lets we image your volumes with a ability to revive a whole cluster behind to a prior state.

Sonobuoy, on a other hand, is about preventing disasters. It helps developers and ops teams exam their Kubernetes deployments to make certain they are operative as approaching and have been configured correctly.

Both of these new projects are now accessible on GitHub and, in good open source fashion, a group skeleton to accept feedback and formula contributions from outward developers, too.

Featured Image: Ivan Mlinaric/Flickr UNDER A CC BY 2.0 LICENSE (IMAGE HAS BEEN MODIFIED)

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