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Harley-Davidson switches to connected networking to urge trustworthiness during H.O.G rallies

It’s no tip that CIOs hatred their WAN – though sometimes, a change of network is all that’s required to solve connectivity challenges. That’s what Harley-Davidson found when looking for a new resolution for a European H.O.G rallies final year.

Harley-Davidson runs several of a possess events (H.O.G rallies) by a year, though in 2016 found that a events were pang from bad connectivity due to ageing infrastructure.

For a initial meetups of a year, a association was regulating a 3G roaming SIM use from Truphone and existent Deltenna WiBe/Huawei 3G and 4G routers. However, this caused problems during a convene in St Tropez, France, where a internal mobile provider had set adult a really brief Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) range duration; that meant that a device would have to collect adult a new IP residence from a provider each hour or so. As shortly as it did that, a whole eventuality mislaid a tie for adult to 15 minutes.

Tim Hodgson, Harley-Davidson’s technical services manager for EMEA, told us, “We insincere [this problem] was since a record we were regulating during a time was limited, so we began looking for a resolution that would, in effect, bond mixed WAN sources together to yield us with a rarely arguable connection.”

Hodgson found Continuum, a use from MSP Comms365 that holds together mixed 4G connections. In this sold case, a association uses adult to 4 wireless broadband extenders, so if one or dual have a problem, a others can take adult a slack. The connected tie can afterwards track a tie by any of a still-operational extenders.

Comms365 has taken divided a prior overheads of executive and technical support – Tom Hodgson, technical services manager for EMEA, Harley-Davidson

With new rallies entrance up, speed was essential, though Hodgson has no complaints. He said, “We placed an sequence a day after a initial assembly during a domicile in Oxford and had a entirely configured resolution prepared for a H.O.G convene in usually 3 operative days.” He also praised a coherence of a no-contract service, that was usually indispensable for 3 events in St Tropez, Slovenia and Austria.

“It’s protected to contend that we’re formulation to enhance how we work with Comms365 and that Continuum will be used for all a rallies subsequent year,” Hogson concluded.

As good as increasing reliability, bonded networks move some-more speed and capacity.

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