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Hands on with a surprising Acer Predator Triton 700 gaming laptop

To infer it’s going large in PCs, Acer hold a product launch eventuality during world’s largest IMAX shade in New York City. It done a large matter with a Predator Triton 700, a super-thin laptop with some surprising features.

At initial glance, a Triton 700 looks like any other skinny gaming laptop. The surprises start when we open it up. The keyboard and touchpad trade locations. The keyboard is placed during a bottom, while a extended touchpad is above it.

The oversized touchpad is also transparent, giving a glance into cooling components of a laptop, like a singular AeroBlade cooling fan. That pattern was desirous by pure gaming desktops, and it is something gamers will love, pronounced Eric Ackerson, comparison product and selling manager during Acer.

Acer could’ve done some-more tools of a laptop transparent, yet some U.S. Federal Communications Commission regulations authorised customarily a singular partial of a touchpad and laptop to be transparent, Ackerson said.

Using a pure touchpad, that is done of Gorilla Glass, felt a small strange. It took a few mins to get oriented with a thought of regulating a trackpad over a keyboard. The trackpad uses a customary multitouch facilities of Windows 10, that can be customized for games.

With a plcae of a Triton 700 keyboard, we didn’t have to worry about incorrectly attack a touchpad with my palm, that happens mostly on my Dell XPS 13.

Reversing a plcae of a keyboard and trackpad is an engaging experiment, and done me consternation if this trend could locate on in other laptops. Changing decades of laptop-using habits is positively an desirous idea. But a underline is especially targeted toward gamers who use mice for gaming, Ackerson said.

But regulating a Triton 700 pure touchpad on a daily basement could be a challenge, as we found out with serve experimentation. we had to keep my palm floating in a atmosphere when regulating a touchpad. Just for testing, we forsaken my palm, and it strike a garland of keys on a keyboard. I’m presumption that if Notepad or Word were running, a fusillade of characters would have shown adult in those applications.

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