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Hands-on: a Linx 12X64 is a cut above many entry-level 2-in-1 Windows machines

linx 12X64

The Linx 12X64 looks like a cut-price Microsoft Surface Pro, yet that’s not a best proceed to proceed it. Instead, consider of it as an ascent on a arrange of ultra-cheap Windows 10 appurtenance that we should substantially daunt your friends and family from buying.

Linx built a name offered inexpensive 7-inch and 8-inch tablets, afterwards 2-in-1Windows machines like a Linx 1010, 1010B and 1020. In a UK, these sell for around £150 or infrequently less, including taxes. But while they are good value, their stipulations are all too clear.

The Linx 1020’s drawbacks – that are common during this cost turn – embody a reason shade with a fortitude of 1200 x 800 pixels, 2GB of memory, and 32GB of eMMC storage. This is OK for infrequent use, and even for bland Microsoft Office tasks. However, there’s not adequate memory to support a lot of browser tabs or most multi-tasking, and there’s substantially not adequate storage for several years of Windows 10 upgrades.

The Linx 12X64, in contrast, has 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage, that is excellent for a 64-bit chronicle of Windows 10 Home that comes pre-installed. Further, a 12.5-inch IPS shade has a fortitude of 1920 x 1080 pixels, so we can see copiousness of content on shade as good as play Full HD movies.

The Linx 12X64 even has an aluminium back, that gives it a feeling of solidity, and a messenger keyboard is unbending adequate not to flex.

The 12X64 also has a improved processor than a Linx 1020, yet it’s not most of an improvement. It has a 1.44GHz quad-core Atom x5-z8350 instead of an x5-Z8300, yet a opening is roughly accurately a same.

Yes, we get a keyboard

Unlike Microsoft, Linx includes detachable keyboards with a Windows tablets, and a one shipped with a Linx 12X64 is unequivocally usable, once you’ve blending to it. Indeed, I’ve used worse keyboards on some normal laptops.

The keyboard creates a tie around a set of 5 tiny pins, and is reason in place by clever magnets. There are also tiny magnets to keep a keyboard/cover sealed when we are carrying it around.

Unlike a comparison 12.2-inch Linx 12V64 version, a keyboard doesn’t lean adult like a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or 4.

The UK keyboard blueprint is good, with dual vast change keys, yet a Enter pivotal is a tiny small. The Function keys work essentially as duty keys, in a normal style. The teenager drawbacks: there are no Page Up/Page Down or Home/End keys, and a Caps Lock pivotal doesn’t have a light indicator.

Obviously we wouldn’t design backlit keys during this price…..

Yes, we get ports

The Linx 12X64 has a good set of ports, for a tablet. These embody a full-size USB 3.0 port, microUSB, HDMI and mini-HDMI. The smartphone-style horse plugs into a microUSB port, that leaves a USB 3 pier free. You can therefore insert a USB keyboard, or a hub, or a USB-to-Ethernet adaptor, and use a Linx while it’s charging. This is a Good Thing since it doesn’t have quick charging.

The 12X64 also has a micro-SD memory label slot. A 128GB label should reason all a information you’re expected to need on a tiny 2-in-1, unless we have a vast song collection.

Both Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth wireless are included, that is accessible for regulating Bluetooth mice and speakers.


As you’d design from a Atom x5-Z8300, a Linx 12X64 is an adequate yet not a poignant performer. It scored 336 on a giveaway NovaBench benchmark – a same as my two-year-old £150 Lenovo Miix 3. It lags a Asus T1010HA, that scored 408, yet there’s unequivocally not most difference.

I don’t have any benchmarks for a Linx 1020, yet I’d design it to perform about a same. Given that a Linx 12X64 could cost adult to twice as much, this is disappointing. However, a additional RAM and storage should eventually yield improved genuine universe performance.

My Linx 12X64 loaner worked good on Wi-Fi. It never had a problem connecting, and broadband speed tests suggested that it worked somewhat faster than my Miix 3 and Lenovo Yoga 700.

Screen and sound

The shade and a sound peculiarity are utterly good for this category of machine. The multi-touch shade offers high resolution, as mentioned, and a colours are not cleared out. The shade is splendid enough, and IPS provides good observation angles. It’s glossy rather than matt, yet that’s common nowadays.

The Linx 12X64 has dual speakers that indicate out of a sides of a screen, providing a conspicuous stereo effect. They don’t go unequivocally loud, yet they are utterly listenable during full volume. we found we could watch YouTube videos and catch-up TV during home though regulating earbuds or headphones, yet there’s a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack to support for those.

Battery life

Linx quotes a battery life of “up to 7 hours (depending on usage)”, yet we seemed to get some-more than that in bland use. In a one box that we tracked additional carefully, it lasted some-more than 8 hours.

I assume this was since we was regulating it indoors with a liughtness set during 52%. Turn a liughtness adult and a battery apparently won’t final as long.

In my case, “normal use” comprises email, web browsing, Microsoft Word and Excel, and occasional brief videos. However, we did leave Wi-Fi with a instruction to “stay connected” even when a appurtenance was off. This seemed not to empty a battery.

Still, a battery tracking was a bit weird. we typically used it for brief durations – from 30 mins to 2 hours – and we mostly had some-more time remaining when we switched it off than when I’d non-stop it up. Perhaps a 12X64 was creation a theory when we incited it on, and afterwards calculating a time formed on my usage.

To give some examples, when we incited it on during 7.40pm, a battery was during 89%, and a Linx pronounced we had 5h 30m left. When we incited it off an hour later, a battery was during 80% yet a time left had grown to 9h 25m. During a half-hour lunchtime event of email and Twitter, a battery went down from 59% to 55% yet a time remaining jumped from 3h 5m to 6h 29m – some-more than twice as long.

In a end, we usually insincere a Linx would use around 10% of a assign per hour and abandoned a estimated times.

Oh, a horror

My vital problem with a Linx 12X64 was a trackpad, that valid to be most some-more supportive than my fingers. At first, we inadvertently invoked several gestures, causing windows to magically seem or disappear, or get bigger or smaller, or change magnification, for no apparent reason.

I’ve had identical problems with other machines, too. I’ve solved them by branch off tap-to-click, disabling gestures, and so on. Unfortunately, a 12X64’s settings app usually had an entrance for a (non-existent) mouse, and no entrance for a “precision trackpad”. In sum, a common touchpad controls were not available, and we couldn’t figure out a proceed to supplement them.

“Lapability” is also a problem with tablet/convertibles/detachables that use a kick-stand to support a screen, and a Linx is no exception. You can change this kind of device on your knees, and some people conduct it improved than others, yet I’ve never found it comfortable. Sometimes it’s improved to detach a keyboard and use a on-screen chronicle instead.


The Linx 12X64 is a good second appurtenance for infrequent home or business use, and it could work as a primary device for a child. At 930g, it’s light adequate to lift around all a time, strong adequate to tarry being forsaken on a runner (I incidentally did that once), and inexpensive adequate that we won’t spend most time worrying about it.

But it’s not easy to consider a value, since a Brexit-induced tumble in a value of argent is still pulling adult marketplace prices.

My initial sense was that during a normal sell cost – around £299.99 – it was a tiny expensive. However, during £249.99 it’s good value, and Currys PC World is now offered it for £249.98 inc VAT.

One opposition is a Asus Transformer Mini T102HA, that has a same CPU, RAM and storage for £289.99 (which is “£160 off” – John Lewis is charging £449.95). However, a Asus has a 10.1-inch shade with 1280 x 800-pixel resolution, and a USB 2.0 pier instead of USB 3.0. Also, keyboards on 10-inch machines are fundamentally smaller and some-more close than a one that ships with a 12X64.

The Linx 12X64 also competes opposite a 10-inch Lenovo Miix 320, that has a same CPU and RAM yet increases a eMMC storage to 128GB for £299.95. Again, however, it’s singular by a 1280 x 800 screen.

Of course, shopping a mechanism always involves compromises, and during this arrange of cost level, a compromises are poignant ones. The Linx 12X64 is no exception. However, it does yield reasonable compromises for a price, and it worked reliably for a month we used it.

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