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Green Man Gaming’s Halloween Sale has several good games for reduction than $5

Halloween is only around a corner, and Green Man Gaming wants to assistance we get into a scary spirit. The site recently launched a Halloween sale that offers adult to 80 percent off name PC games. There are a common deals we see in a PC gaming sale like Doom for about $20 and Mad Max underneath $10, though right now we’ll concentration on games underneath $5.

On tip of a discounts GMG is offering, we can also get an additional 15 percent off a Halloween sale games with a special VIP voucher. To get this bonus sign-in with a GMG comment and visit a store’s VIP page.

Halloween only isn’t Halloween though zombies. The Escapists: The Walking Dead is only 5 bucks, and Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2 is 4 dollars.

(Speaking of Valve, Steam’s Halloween sale starts today, and we’ll be highlighting a best deals there as well.)

Now’s a good time to try out both Metro games as a warm-up to Metro Exodus, that is due out in 2018. Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux are 5 bucks any if we need to finish your collection, or we can buy both games for 6 dollars as partial of a Metro Redux Bundle

Limbo (for dual dollars) is an comparison though renouned side-scrolling nonplus diversion that has a really elementary film noir aesthetic. Finally, there’s Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition for 5 dollars.

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[Today’s deal: Many games for $5 or reduction during Green Man Gaming’s Halloween Sale.]
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