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Greater London Authority to sinecure a comparison process officer for technology

The Greater London Authority (GLA) is employing a comparison process officer for record in a fixed-term purpose for one year.

The officer will not news to a GLA’s CIO David Munn, though instead news to a organisation’s conduct of Economic and Business Policy Unit, Catherine Glossop.

In a request seen by Computing, a GLA explains that a pursuit purpose of a purpose is to rise a Mayor Sadiq Khan’s record policy, ensuring London’s ‘lead in record innovation’ translates into jobs and growth.

The post-holder will rise process “to maximize a expansion opportuntiies from a interactions between record and London’s different mercantile strengths in other fields”. This includes a artistic and informative sectors, a sciences, and a appetite and sourroundings sectors.

He or she will be tasked with operative opposite a far-reaching operation of business sectors to know and foster a intensity for record creation to serve capacitate their growth, including a intensity for synthetic intelligence.

Among a other principal accountabilities, a comparison process officer will have to support work on a general graduation of London’s record sector, support a Mayor’s lobbying position in areas such as regulation, investigate and creation inhabitant appropriation allocations, and rivet with a far-reaching accumulation of open and private stakeholders opposite a tech sector.

The GLA is stretchable in regards to some of a mandate for a claimant – it asks for a applicable degree, veteran gift or ability to denote an homogeneous turn of believe and skills gained by experience.

However, a post-holder contingency have a credentials of operative in or with a record sector, plan and programme government and stating experience, and an bargain of a London mercantile and amicable growth agenda. In addition, a GLA is looking for several behavioural competencies that embody building and handling relationships, problem elucidate and preference making.

The selected claimant will be paid a income of £41,827, and a employing manager, Glossop, told Computing that a post comes with a probability for prolongation for another year during a really least.

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