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GoPro’s cheapest Hero nonetheless ditches 4K for a nicer price

The rumors of an new entry-level GoPro movement camera have finally been put to rest. GoPro currently announced a recover of nonetheless another camera in a Hero operation – one that’s designed for a everyman.

Simply called Hero, a new camera is a “go-anywhere, capture-anything” limp that’s labelled during AU$299.95 ($199, £199) – creation it a cheapest GoPro movement cam during launch so distant – and it’s directed during those who wish to constraint all a movement though relying on a stipulations of a smartphone camera.

In terms of design, a Hero is closer to a reward Black and Silver models rather than GoPro’s prior budget-oriented Session cameras. The latter miss loyal built-in displays, and instead rest on a interconnected smartphone for both observation video and accessing some of their some-more modernized controls and settings.

“Hero is a good initial GoPro for people looking to share practice over what a phone can capture,” pronounced GoPro’s Senior Vice President of Product, Meghan Laffey. “Hero creates it easy to share ‘wow’ moments during a cost that’s ideal for first-time users.”

Half-price Hero

The new Hero is half a cost of a GoPro Hero6 Black (at $399.99 / £399.99 / AU$599.95), creation it permitted to some-more people who’d like to constraint their adventures (or misadventures as a box might be).

Despite a reduce cost, a Hero arguably still has adequate bells and whistles to keep infrequent videographers happy.

Like a Hero5 Black and a Hero6 Black, a new camera facilities a built-in 2-inch hold display, providing a smartphone-like user interface, and is also waterproof out of a box (for adult to 10m) though a need to use a specific housing. While it lacks 4K video capabilities, a Hero can shoots HD video during 1440p and 1080p during adult to 60fps and captures 10MP stills. 

The Hero also comes with a Voice Control underline that we saw in a Hero5 and Hero6 operation of cameras, creation video constraint fun and easy. 

Video stabilization is built-in and it’s concordant with many existent GoPro ascent accessories.


We’ve contacted GoPro for acknowledgment on when a Hero will be accessible on shelves in a UK and US, though in a new camera is already on sale in Australia for only underneath AU$300. We’ll refurbish this story with additional accessibility sum when we know more.

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