Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Google’s Pixel 2 embraces a existence everybody else is ignoring

I’m usually gonna come out and contend it: If you’re still obsessing over bezels, you’ve got your eye on a wrong prize.

Sure, many smartphone manufacturers wish we to see those voluptuous edge-to-edge screens and feel that tingly, gotta-have-it sensation. They’re fresh, they’re new, they’re futuristic-looking — a tool within must be improved than what we have now, right?

Well, maybe. The truth, though, is that that arrange of extraneous peculiarity is distant from a many poignant cause many people should be prioritizing when introspective a new phone. Selling hardware isn’t easy, generally these days, and device-makers know they need to fasten onto straightforwardly manifest or quantifiable offered points if they wish folks to open adult their ears and wallets. That’s since we saw obsessions over things like impassioned thinness, limit megapixels, and pinnacle arrangement firmness in a past.

The stream bezel disturb is no different. (And like those prior gimmicks, it indeed brings with it some poignant downsides — especially if you’re an Apple user yet for those of us on Android as well.) It’s a trend, a latest in a unfounded bag of tricks that’s some-more about offered smartphones than providing anything of unsentimental benefit. It competence make a product seem opposite adequate from a prototype to locate your eye, yet it certain as ruin won’t raise your life in any suggestive way.

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