Monday , 24 September 2018
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Google’s Pixel 2 embraces the reality everyone else is ignoring

I’m just gonna come out and say it: If you’re still obsessing over bezels, you’ve got your eye on the wrong prize.

Sure, most smartphone manufacturers want you to see those sexy edge-to-edge screens and feel that tingly, gotta-have-it sensation. They’re fresh, they’re new, they’re futuristic-looking — the gadget within must be better than what you have now, right?

Well, maybe. The truth, though, is that that sort of superficial quality is far from the most significant factor most people should be prioritizing when pondering a new phone. Selling hardware isn’t easy, especially these days, and device-makers know they need to latch onto readily visible or measurable marketing points if they want folks to open up their ears and wallets. That’s why we saw obsessions over things like extreme thinness, maximum megapixels, and utmost display density in the past.

The current bezel craze is no different. (And like those previous gimmicks, it actually brings with it some significant downsides — especially if you’re an Apple user but for those of us on Android as well.) It’s a trend, the latest in a bottomless bag of tricks that’s more about selling smartphones than providing anything of practical benefit. It may make a product seem different enough from its predecessor to catch your eye, but it sure as hell won’t enhance your life in any meaningful way.

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