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Google’s $1,000 Pixelbook is what Apple’s MacBook should be

Google has carried a deceive on a new $1,000 Chromebook, and it’s what a MacBook should be, though isn’t.

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The new Chromebook — called a Pixelbook — is where we approaching a MacBook of 2017 to be, though isn’t since Apple has turn restored and thinks that holding ports divided is revolutionary.

The Pixelbook has a lot in common with a MacBook. They’re powered by 7th-generation Intel Core processors and have identical shade resolutions, identical storage options (although a Pixelbook starts during 128GB, while a bottom MacBook starts during 256GB). And they both have identical memory configurations: both offer 10-hour battery life and underline an aluminum unibody construction.

Even a weight is about a same.

But it’s a differences that matter. Google indeed went out and combined something different, as against to usually regurgitating a somewhat upgraded chronicle of a prior high-end Chromebook, a Pixel.

Instead, Google gave it a arrange of ascent you’d design from a reward Windows cover (yes, Windows is now heading a approach when it comes to reward notebooks).

Let’s count them:

  1. Touchscreen
  2. Pen support (and Apple even has a pen, though it usually works with a iPad Pro)
  3. 360-degree hinge that allows it to work as a laptop, tablet, or in tent mode
  4. Fast charging

Sure, zero in that list is ground-breaking here for anyone who is informed with Windows-powered reward notebooks, though Apple has zero that comes tighten to this.

And for a association that prides itself on formulating reward products, it’s annoying that Apple has now been outdone by a Google and a Chromebook.

For Windows users that wish to pierce divided from Windows, a Pixelbook now offers a convincing choice to Apple.

Apple, we need to lift your game. And quickly. Your MacBook lineup is looking aged and stale.






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