Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Google Wifi’s Network Check underline only got a lot better

When Google’s Wifi product and height initial launched in late 2016, a apparatus to exam a tie to your phone or inscription as we roamed around your residence was enclosed in a Google Wifi app.


Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

This proceed is useful if you’re perplexing to troubleshoot a specific area in your home or office, though not a sold device. Starting Tuesday, Google Wifi users will start to see a new choice in a app’s Network Check territory to check connectivity to any device connected to a Google Wifi entrance point.

ZDNet’s sister website CNET talked with Alex King, product manager of Google Wifi about a launch; it’s value a read.

According to Google, a new underline will hurl out over a entrance weeks. However, we updated a iOS chronicle of a Google Wifi app on Tuesday and gained entrance to a new Network Check tool. The Android inclination we have on palm have nonetheless to accept an update.

Once a exam completes, formula are damaged down by that inclination are connected to any entrance point. Based on a results, we can afterwards pierce a device closer to an entrance indicate or pierce an entrance indicate to change the coverage area.

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