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Google Updates: Pixel 3 in the future, web in the Fuchsia and free Android Apps

IF YOU’VE hit the end of the week and read all the Google news from here, but crave more, then we’re here to help – a few more tidbits

Some of our farther-flung readers might be interested in helping Google out. It appears to have an issue with non-Western data sets (not the first to say so).

Wired reports comments by Google’s Anurag Batra who says: “We have a very sparse training data set from parts of the world that are not the United States and Western Europe”.

Users can volunteer for crowdsourced data collection specifically for this project which it is hoped will improve Asian AI communication.

The mysterious Fuchsia operating system has left us all scratching our heads over what its actually for. But it looks like we’re going to get an answer soon. Not only is Fuchsia now replete with its own logo, but there’s also an apk of an early version for you to play within a web emulator. It doesn’t show you much, but it does give you an idea about the look and feel of the new OS.

And no, we still don’t know what it’s intention is, but we’d expect to hear something at I/O next month.

And speaking of which, the words “Pixel 3” have turned up in some Android source code. It means little except that there’s going to be another Pixel device of some sort, at some point. Probably October again, we’d guess.

Finally, an observation. Chrome seems to be flavour of the month right now. Not only do we have Chrome OS tablets from Acer, but there are lots of tweaks going on – like themuch-neededd addition of SMB shares. As we get closer to I/O, we can’t help wondering if the Chrome OS onslaught is coming. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

And now – your three Android freebies. If there’s something you’d like to recommend for the three-for-free (perhaps we should do a Chrome add-ons edition soon too?) then let us know. Meantime, as ever, they won’t stay free for long, so grab them now.

Drugs Dictionary (£0.59) Not what you’re probably thinking – but a good guide if you want to find out what medications you’ve been prescribed, and which ones are best for over-the-counter solutions. Obviously, we’d always say consult a doctor wherever appropriate. Your pharmacist can help with less serious stuff.

Sally’s Law (£1.99) Sally’s law is, we’re told, the opposite of Murphy’s Law. Everything this character touches turns to awesome. So this shouldn’t be too much of a challenge as you join her on a quest to rescue a loved one. It should by definition, be a doddle. It also was a top 3 award winner in the 2016 Google Indie Game awards

LocateMe (£1.19) Remember Google Latitude? For all its privacy problems the idea of being able to see exactly where someone was (with their permission) is spectacularly useful, perhaps for an infirm relative or if you’re trying to give someone visiting directions.

LocateMe picks up where Latitude left off, and whilst it does rely on both people using it (meaning on a normal week, both have to pay) it does the job. µ



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