Wednesday , 25 April 2018
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Google Updates: hands up, compensate up, building down

STARTING US off this week, let’s move out a bunting since Android Pay has launched in a UK! By that we meant it’s been announced, not that we can indeed use it. Heaven forbid.

Most of a large banks are already sealed up, with a difference of Barclays that says it now has no plans. But that’s what it pronounced about Apple Pay.

News is starting to strech us of skeleton for a YouTube opposition to Periscope. Nothing is reliable yet, though a live streaming app is pronounced to be called YouTube Connect directed during bridging a opening between a stream Creator Studio gubbins and a likes of Facebook Live and Meerkat.

Until we’ve got central from Google it’s unfit to review to Meerkat. Ahem.

On a developer side, Google is opening adult a debate approval and Cloud Machine Learning APIs to anyone who wants to confederate them. So if we wish to tell your phone to go fuck itself, we can not usually scream it out, though a app will go divided and learn itself accurately how.

In Chrome news, a association is job time on a app launcher. The appendage was designed so that Windows and Mac users could launch web apps as programs from a taskbar or ribbon. No-one did. It’ll be left in June.

Once we’ve got Easter out of a approach (and there’s a large Easter sale in a Google Play store by a way) we’ll be on to Apr Fool’s, and we know how most Google likes an Apr Fool. We’ll lane down a best ones here subsequent week.

One story we won’t include, however, since it’s loyal and we’re revelation we now, is a proclamation from renouned malware repository PornHub that it has started a practical existence channel for users of Google Cardboard.

Hey, we’re not judging. And we knew it was going to occur eventually. One thing we would indicate out, however, is that Cardboard doesn’t have a headstrap so it could be a ambidextrous process.

What? We were all meditative it.

Finally this week, Google Maps has led indirectly to someone carrying their residence ripped down. Not particularly loyal as a smoking wrecking round had nowt to do with Google, though Nabors Demolition of Seagoville did conduct to mistake 7601 Cousteau Drive for 7601 Calypso Drive since a dot was in a wrong place.

It’s a unhappy covenant to a over-reliance on technology. Couldn’t they have, we know, asked someone? We’ll leave we to coddle on that one compartment subsequent week. µ

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