Monday , 24 September 2018
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Google Updates: Google’s not got game but does have Easter sale

SUCH IS our dedication to Google News that we’re here on a public holiday to bring it to you. And we’re not like other publications that might have pre-prepared it. Oh no. We’re not that smart. So here’s the stuff in brief and then we’ll cover off the rest before heading back to the pub. But we’ve said too much.

Google says Burger King food made of “rat’s meat” (but not really)

Let Google AI turn you into an artistic genius

DeepMind AlphaGo will take on the world’s Number One at Go

Pixel 2 will have a curved OLED display. Apparently.

As Easter weekend is a time for photo-taking, there’s good news in that Google Photos now uses AI to tidy up your shaky-cam footage. Videos will never be the same again.

Just a note, by the way. Both the Google Play Store and the Nvidia Shield store are having fairly major sales. We’d also recommend keeping an eye out for the increasing number of “free for a limited period” apps too because once you’ve got em, you’ve got em.

Some reports are coming in that Google Home can now read out notifications from your phone. Now we’ve not had the update yet, so please let us know if you can confirm that one.

The latest version of Chrome has a new feature called “page anchoring” that will hopefully put an end to those “skip to the end” moments that sometimes infuriate us.

Google Duo’s audio calling feature is now live worldwide. It’s still not going to catch on though as both Duo and sister app Allo are fairing pretty poorly. People hate change.

The company’s chief game designer, Noah Falstein has left the company after four years, telling people he wanted the chance to make “big consequential games”.

And finally this week, Google has denied that it pays women less than men “systemically”. Fortunately, United Airlines have distracted everyone from the bad press.

Happy Easter. µ



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