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Google Updates: Free apps, Android Wear 2.0 and Google Home upgraded

WELCOME TO a weekly trawl by a perspective from Mountain View. We’re mucking about with a format again so greatfully let us know what we think.

First up, stories we might have missed, starting with a fact that from now on Google is going to have to start vouchsafing in other hunt providers on Android inclination after losing a justice box in Russia.

Then there’s a rather engaging workaround to problems with Google WiFi, in that business are being told to stop regulating Windows 10 as that causes a problem. Amazing. They’re customarily observant what we all consider really.

And afterwards there’s a not-entirely-surprise news that Google and Huawei are being sued by East Texas blow holes over foot looping Nexus phones.

On to new business, and Google Home has beaten Amazon to a punch with one of a many sought after facilities for home assistants. It can now cope with mixed users, mixed accounts and many critical mixed voices. Given that during a impulse any instance of Alexa is separate, and she can’t tell one voice from another, this is a large bit of news. It’s rolling out in a US now and will come to Britain soon. We also beheld this is a box with Stringify formation – it’s not accessible in UK English nonetheless either.

Has anyone else been carrying difficulty with Chrome lately? Those of us in INQ Towers that use it have been anticipating it has been hanging. A lot. It’s always a risk with any new chronicle and Chrome 58 being expelled this week with some pattern tweaks and a choice for full shade web apps, there’s always a risk of something going wrong.

Speaking of upgrades, we’ve customarily had it reliable that a remaining smartwatches that are pencilled in for Android Wear 2.0, such as a reliable Moto 360 2 will get it during a finish of a month, or a commencement of subsequent month, latest.

We’d already listened that there was going to be a many indispensable ascent to a Play Store app list, and certain adequate we can now arrange your apps by implement date, many new use or alphabetically. Time for a purge?

And finally – we’ve motionless to take advantage of Google’s new order permitting temporarily giveaway apps in a app store. So here’s a collect of a best for giveaway right now. Please be warned – some of these customarily stay on sale for a brief time. Like, hours.

Sonic Loops Pro does accurately what it says on a tin, permitting we to emanate tunes from looping and sampling. It’s customarily 82p though now we can get it free!

I Am Rich needs no introduction. It’s an app that customarily costs $350 and exists quite so douches can contend they paid $350 for it. That’s it. Now we can be a douche for free.

Darkest Dreams (be discerning with this one, yo) is a black and white puzzler with a 4.8 star rating in reviews. It’s customarily 99p, though if you’re really discerning afterwards it’s free! µ

Note to Developers: You’re acquire to hit me if you’re going to make your app free, generally if it’s Friday to Friday. though otherwise, don’t bother, we don’t have time to go by each app in a Play Store and examination it. We’d never get anything done.



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