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Google Updates: EU Samba in A Dark Room

THIS WEEK in Google we’ve already heard about the Press Association’s grant from Google for robot journalist, that Google Glass is coming back thanks to an Italian designer, and it looks like there’s another anti-trust suit from the EU in the post. Plus, the DeepMind-NHS tie-up has been declared illegal.

As for things you might have missed, Google has released a Samba client, but it only supports version one, which is the exact cause of the WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware threats. Worse than that, the firm’s latest security updates aren’t installing for some Pixel users, which is a bit embarrassing – as is the fact it keeps messing up what time zone Arizona is in.

In fact, all in all, it’s been another fairly crappy week to be the worlds’ biggest company. In addition to all the legal stuff, the Back-Up and Sync feature which Google promised would mirror your entire hard drive has not launched on time and no one is entirely sure when it will.

Oh yeah, and a slight redaction. As the week has gone on, we’ve started to see more news sources in the new look Google News, though we’re still not happy it’s offering the same wide range as before. That is all.

And so onto this week’s free-for-a-short time apps.

The last time ‘A Dark Room was available for free, we lost several days to it. It starts in a dark room. That’s about all we can tell you for now. But it’s a strategic text based adventure, so if that’s your bag, it’s a very good one.

Couldn’t get your hands on a retro NES console? Never fear, NESBoy is here. You can use it to play old Nintendo games that are freely available on the net. Whether that’s actually legal is another matter – but the app definitely is.

Finally, with the summer holidays fast approaching, anyone with little ones will be needing to brush up on whatever the frack they’re talking about. Start with this. we’re told Paw Patrol is a thing, and this game is a thing to do with that thing. So that’s handy.

As ever, these titles are currently free, but they won’t stay that way, OK? µ



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