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Google Updates: Apps left free, Chrome left curvy, Play Music… gone?

GOOGLE’S OTHER NEWS is behind for another week. If we wish a hot-button issues, thereafter go here (afterwards, manners cost nothing) for a full list of Google coverage this week. Meanwhile here are some of a one-line info, and plausible rumours doing a rounds, interspersed with some giveaway apps.

First this week – a poser of Fuchsia OS has taken a not wholly astonishing spin with a attainment of Android runtime. What this means, for a non-tech-heads, is that whatever Fuchsia is, it will run bequest apps. And if that means it’s a legendary entrance together of Chrome OS and Android, thereafter this is a large step. Maybe we’ll finally learn some-more during I/O.

Three For Free: Mind Games Pro (£2.69)

Although a Brain Training breakthrough seems to have died down, a fundamental reason it started hasn’t altered – stretching your mind is good for you. As such, if you’re a arrange of chairman that plays mind games, make it these Mind Games while they’re free.

As of yet, we don’t have an central on this, though it sounds like Google Play Music is going to be late – rolled in with YouTube Red underneath a name YouTube Remix. This presents a whole wadge of questions – will we still be means to buy or only stream? Will they run parallel to start with? Will we finally be means to entrance a Google songs in Drive like we do with Google Photos? All will be revealed, though if a rumours are true, GPM could go this year. We’d gamble opposite downloads being partial of any new use – Microsoft has ditched Groove this year, and Google has left from offered discount MP3s to probably no discounts during all – not a pointer a committed to a format.

Three For Free: Mosalingua Learn Brazil-Portuguese (£4.99)

Every few weeks, Mosalingua offers another of a denunciation courses for diddly-squat. We like them and saving a fiver is unequivocally a good advert for them. As such, since not learn Brazil-Portuguese this weekend? Shame it’s too late for a Olympics really.

Another large poser is when accurately we’re going to see a Google Home device with a screen. At a moment, several third parties are operative with Google, though there’s no central device. And we’d give a still side gamble that when it does happen, it’ll be a flagship device from a initial collection of Nest products given Google took a association behind underneath a wing. Again, only a rumour, though seems likely.

Three For Free: Widget Maker (£3.19)

Widgets are what separates Google from iOS. The home shade info-packs have no counterpart with Apple and they can be useful for all sorts of things. If your needs aren’t being served, since not make your own? And if that’s not good enough, there’s a Clock Maker app that’s also free. So that’s arrange of your fourth of 3 for a week.

And finally this week – while we’re all drooling over the prolonged overdue Gmail interface that launched this week (if we haven’t found it yet, click a “cog” object in a tip right, and there’s an choice to “try a new Gmail”) there’s speak that Chrome will be subsequent for a facelift. There’s a satisfactory gamble that it’s accurate since it’s already live in a Canary channel display a pattern expansion that is roughly inaudible unless we are looking.

But exam channels aren’t a pledge of something that is going to launch – any show-stopping bugs between now, a Beta channel subsequent month and a fast channel during a finish of Jun would check it for an indistinct length of time.

That’s it for now. More subsequent week.

Three For Free: Disclaimer – These apps are accessible directly from a Play Store for giveaway during a time of writing though can lapse to full cost during any time. The calm of these downloads is not supposing by or connected to Incisive Media. If we are a developer that wants to dwindle an app for inclusion, get in touch. µ  



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