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Google unveils AI camera pack for Raspberry Pi

Google has denounced an synthetic comprehension camera pack for a Raspberry Pi, permitting developers to supplement intent and facial approval capabilities to projects.

The AIY Vision Kit, grown by a internet hunt giant, is directed during bringing a energy of synthetic comprehension to a Raspberry Pi mini computer.

The pack includes an Intel Movidius MA2450 circuit board, several camera modules and mechanism prophesy program that can be commissioned onto a mini computer.

Over a past few months, a American tech organisation has shown poignant seductiveness in a Raspberry Pi. In May, it announced a voice kit.

Using it, developers can emanate Google Assistant-based voice approval systems for a Raspberry Pi. It also lets work on their possess healthy denunciation estimate projects.

The company’s second AIY Vision Kit means developers can rise AI projects simply and efficiently. For instance, a circuit house runs neural networks on a device.

And a program comes with entrance to several TensorFlow neural network models. The initial can recognize objects; a second, tellurian faces and expressions; and a third, animal faces.  

Billy Rutledge, executive of AIY Projects during Google, said: “We’ve also enclosed a apparatus to accumulate models for Vision Kit, so we can sight and retrain models with TensorFlow on your workstation or any cloud service.

“We also yield a Python API that gives we a ability to change a RGB symbol colors, adjust a piezo component sounds and entrance a 4 GPIO pins.”

The pack costs $45, and is able of training over time. There’s no doubt Google will announce new additions and facilities in a future.



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