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Google to acquire cloud emigration startup Velostrata

Google announced currently it was going to acquire Israeli cloud emigration startup, Velostrata. The companies did not share a squeeze price.

Velostrata helps companies quit from on-premises datacenters to a cloud, a common requirement currently as companies try to change some-more workloads to a cloud. It’s not always a elementary matter yet to send those bequest applications, and that’s where Velostrata could assistance Google Cloud customers.

As I wrote in 2014 about their debut, a startup figured out a approach to decouple storage and discriminate and that had far-reaching use and appeal. “The association has a worldly hybrid cloud resolution that decouples storage from discriminate resources, withdrawal a storage in place on-premises while using a practical appurtenance in a cloud,” we wrote during a time.

But some-more than that, in a hybrid universe where patron applications and information can live in a open cloud or on prem (or a combination), Velostrata gives them control to pierce and adjust a workloads as indispensable and ready it for smoothness on cloud practical machines.

“This means [customers] can simply and fast quit practical machine-based workloads like vast databases, craving applications, DevOps, and vast collection estimate to and from a cloud,” Eyal Manor VP of engineering during Google Cloud wrote in a blog post announcing a acquisition.

This of march takes Velostrata from being a ubiquitous purpose cloud emigration apparatus to one tuned privately for Google Cloud in a future, though one that gives Google a profitable apparatus in a conflict to benefit cloud marketshare.

In a past, Google Cloud conduct Diane Greene has talked about a business opportunities they have seen in simply “lifting and shifting” information loads to a cloud. This merger gives them a pivotal use to assistance business who wish to do that with a Google Cloud.

Velostrata was founded in 2014. It has lifted over $31 million from investors including Intel Capital and Norwest Venture partners.

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