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Google Pixelbook review: Android and Google Assistant renovate a Chromebook

The Pixelbook is Google’s latest try to make a Chromebook cool. Despite dual before generations of flagship Chromebook Pixels and a handful of high-end copycats from other manufacturers, a Chromebook difficulty stays in a rut. Typecast as cheap, disposable browsing machines or simply locked-down classroom computers, Google hasn’t figured out how to make a Chromebook essential in a same approach a smartphone is for many people. 

Google’s answer is to make a Pixelbook some-more like a smartphone. It joins a flourishing list of Chromebook models that support Android apps. It’s also a initial Chromebook to support Google Assistant, before accessible usually on Android inclination (and around an iOS app).

As we competence theory from a Pixelbook’s name, some of a facilities work privately with Google’s flagship Android phones. In a deficiency of Wi-Fi, for instance, it’ll be means to fasten automatically to your Pixel phone, a acquire preference that should be ready, Google says, by a time a laptops start shipping Oct 31. We’ll supplement a practice with tethering once it comes online. 

For this review, I’ve looked during both a hardware and a program experiences. The hardware is mint and a program we attempted was still in beta, so not all worked as planned. we can endorse a Pixelbook is a fast, means device—just like a ancestors—but that’s no longer enough. Joining army with Android is substantially a best shot Chromebooks have during apropos fascinating hardware to mainstream users. Whether this plan will indeed work for a Pixelbook (and be broadly adopted by other Chromebook manufacturers) is still unknown.  

The Pixelbook hardware: Thin is in

Pixelbook inscription mode Adam Patrick Murray

The 360-degree hinge lets a Pixelbook flip simply over to inscription mode for a closest thing to a full Android experience. 

Even if a Pixelbook didn’t have a garland of Android tie-ins, it would still be a nicest Chromebook we can buy: thin, light, and full of forward-looking features. You can see a specs and prices for all a SKUs in a strange Pixelbook news story, yet subsequent we have sum on a sold examination unit. 

Price: $1,199

Dimensions: 11.4 x 8.7 x 0.4 inches. This is a unequivocally skinny laptop that slips simply into your bag or underneath your arm. 

Weight: 2.4 pounds. This is lighter than common compared to renouned Windows 360-degree laptops, such as a latest HP Spectre x360 (2.8 pounds).

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