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Google Pixelbook: Pen support and phone tethering could sign a Chrome OS deal

Meet Pixelbook, a laptop that legitimizes Google’s Chromebook Pixel legacy.

When Google expelled a initial Chromebook Pixel in 2013, many tech reporters (myself included) saw a Chrome OS-based laptop as some-more of a illusory egghead tender than a viable consumer product. It was a halo device that illustrated what a Chromebook could be—in a broad, unconditional regretful sense—if designed with finish negligence for consumer pricing sensitivity.

Indeed, would anyone spend roughly $1,500 on a mechanism that can’t even run Windows applications? The universe generally scoffed—and afterwards scoffed again when Google updated a Pixel in 2015.

But now we have a Google Pixelbook, that starts during $999 for a Core i5/8GB RAM/128GB SSD config, and goes adult to $1,649 for a Core i7/16GB RAM/512GB SSD config. (For full Pixelbook pricing, recover date, specs and more, review a news story.) The pricing is usually as high as before, and a appurtenance still doesn’t support Windows apps or PC gaming. But interjection to a handful of intriguing features, a Pixelbook unexpected seems like a viable initial choice for one’s primary computer, and no longer a uncanny oddity that we buy simply since you’re dumb, rich, and curious.

Pixelbook Hands on Adam Patrick Murray

Pixelbook: Thin, light and flexible

Elegant laptop pattern always deserves jubilee (especially when so many computers demeanour like bad film props), and a Pixelbook is an intriguing pattern study, usually like a Pixel predecessors. The potion inlay on a behind of a arrangement refers behind to Pixel phone design, and is a pleasing flourish. At 10mm thin, a Pixelbook is unequivocally freaking thin. And during 2.4 pounds, it feels remarkably light for a earthy footprint.

The Pixelbook is also a initial Pixel laptop with a full operation of motion. A smooth, ideally resistant 360-degree hinge translates a appurtenance from laptop mode to inscription mode to easel mode to film mode. Meanwhile, a 12.3-inch, 2400×1600, 3:2 aspect ratio arrangement offers a inexhaustible area that creates 16:9 and 4:3 displays feel compromised for capability work.

Pixelbook inscription mode Adam Patrick Murray

Thanks to a a 360-degree hinge, a Pixelbook can assume a full inscription shape.

Now, do we unequivocally need a Core i7 and 16GB of RAM to run Chrome OS and Android apps? This turn of firepower would seem to be vulgar overkill.

But here’s where a Pixelbook starts to make sense: A $99 Pixelbook Pen appendage hooks directly into Google Assistant, paving a proceed for a crafty new proceed to search. And an involuntary tethering underline taps your Pixel phone for a information connection, should we remove Wi-Fi on a road. 

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