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Google Pixel 2 launch event: what to design on Oct 4

We could be in for a fender stand of announcements during Google’s launch eventuality today.

Last year’s eventuality saw a exhibit of a Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL and Google Daydream View. Not usually that though, as Google Wifi and Google Chromecast Ultra also saw a launch that day. Simply put, it was a large deal. 

While zero some-more than a Google Pixel 2 has been teased for today’s event, new leaks have clued us into a intensity boatload of new products, including a incomparable Google Pixel 2 XL, Google Home Mini, Google Pixelbook, and a rested Google Daydream View 2 headset. Of course, there could be more, too.

So, yet serve ado, here’s all that we pattern to be announced during Google’s Oct 4 eventuality in San Francisco.

Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL

This one’s a given. Google’s 2016 smartphones were – and still are – a confidant cadence of engineering bravery on a partial of a cultivatable partnership with HTC (Google now owns a smartphone division) total with batch Android. 

Based on new rumors, this year’s phones demeanour to adult a ante in usually about any way.

However, for those who were anticipating for a large pleat of a front bezels, get prepared for disappointment. We’ve been conference that this year’s phones will tumble in line with a front-facing pattern of a past. But a debate around some leaked photos uncover that Google has streamlined a demeanour of a phones’ backsides.

For fans who suffer a fat smoke-stack of facilities and power, these new Pixel phones are certain to please. Aside from apparent improvements to a already-stellar camera and a inclusion of a Snapdragon 835, pattern a new “Active Edge” duty that lets we fist a phone to activate name commands. Rumor also has it that Google competence have snipped divided a fan-favorite 3.5mm headphone jack, yet waterproofing competence usually make adult for it.

Like many flagships, a Google Pixel phones for 2017 won’t be cheap. But there are positively some-more costly phones out there. The smaller Google Pixel 2 is set to cost $649 (about £599, AU$1,079), while a XL is rumored to start during $849 (about £630, AU$1079).

It’s not prolonged now until Google rises a wraps from a fugitive 2017 flagship smartphones.

Google Pixelbook

After Google launched dual awe-inspiring, yet egregiously costly Chromebook Pixel models, some wondered if Google would – or should – ever again recover a possess Chrome OS product.

Recently, a leak surfaced a obscure product that will presumably be called Google Pixelbook. Now appearing to be aligned with a company’s smartphone lineup in both name and pattern language, this maybe-Chromebook, maybe-Fuchsia (formerly famous as Andromeda) 2-in-1 laptop is intriguing, to contend a really least.

The one and usually trickle that we’ve seen shows a Pixelbook using Chrome OS and sitting subsequent to a intelligent stylus, that is pronounced to be called a Pixelbook Pen. Also lodged in this cluster of info is a rumored pricing and storage configurations, both of that lift some eyebrows.

According a rumors, a Pixelbook will start during $1,199 (about £887, AU$1,496) and tip out during $1,749 (about £1,294, AU$2,183). This puts Google’s supposed 2-in-1 some-more in line with a Microsoft Surface Book than a some-more affordable Microsoft Surface Pro. 

Lastly, it is pronounced to be accessible in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB configurations, that has us seeking ourselves, “What accurately could we need all of that storage for?” Typically, Chromebooks underline no some-more than 64GB of storage, so this gossip is puzzling, yet though exciting.

Google Home Mini

As Amazon showed first, your intelligent orator lineup isn’t finish yet a miniature, cheaper version. The rumored Google Home Mini seems a lot like a Amazon Echo Dot, in that it’s a smaller, precipitated chronicle of a full-fat product.

Our initial demeanour during a unannounced plan shows a tiny orator that facilities a same mesh-like pattern found on a incomparable Google Home, yet distinct a Home, it doesn’t demeanour like you’ll be means to customize a demeanour of a Home Mini with discretionary accessories.

While it’s smaller in status compared to a Home, it still looks like this product might finish adult being some-more absolute than a similarly-sized Echo Dot. How? The leaked shot appears to uncover off a energy cable, indicating that a energy pull will be rather high, that could meant that sound peculiarity will be utterly nice.

The Google Home is listed during $129 (£129 / about AU$170), yet if rumors are true, a Home Mini will launch in a accumulation of uninformed colors and during a fragment of a cost during $49 (about £40 / AU$60).

Google Daydream View 2

Last, yet not least, Google’s first-party practical existence headset is rumored to be rested accurately one year after it debuted.

As a Michelle Fitzsimmons noted, a new headset looks primed for a subsequent era of Daydream-ready phones, that has already blossomed to embody over 10 smartphones.

The headsets shown in a picture above from Droid Life seem to have sealed a opening between a articulated tag and a front of a headset, that should stop light steam – one of a biggest complaints about a original.

It’s tough to tell accurately what is opposite about a design, yet if Google has them to uncover off on Oct 4, we’ll positively be among a initial to tag them to a heads to see what’s new.

The final bit of information supposing by this trickle puts a Google Daydream View 2 during $99 (about £75 / AU$125), that is $20 some-more than a stream chronicle labelled during $79 (£69 / AU$119).

To a knowledge, a above products are what we trust will be announced today. We’ll be stating live from a San Francisco with a latest, including hands-on reviews of any and any one of them.

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