Tuesday , 24 April 2018
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Google competence supplement iPhone X-style navigation to Android P

Android P is entrance down a line and we’re awaiting to hear most some-more about Google’s subsequent mobile handling complement refurbish during a Google I/O developer discussion in May. In a meantime, we competence have some hints about updates to a navigation system, leaked by… Google itself.

In a screenshot posted to a Android Developers blog (and given practiced to censor partial of a user interface), a navigation bar takes on a whole new look, with a behind button, a wider button, and no Overview (multitasking) button.

Ars Technica spotted a picture before it got changed, and points out a similarities between this and what Apple has finished with the iPhone X. Apple’s flagship phone has no Home symbol of course, that means users have to rest on swipes and gestures to get around. Is Android going a same way?

Is this a new nav bar? (via @RonAmadeo)

The Google Pixel phone launchers already have some gestures that aren’t upheld in batch Android as a whole – like swiping adult to get to a app drawer – and it would seem that this is a approach forward. With some-more and some-more Android phones ditching earthy buttons, it creates clarity to follow Apple’s lead.

Having pronounced that, Android P is still really most in development, and this change doesn’t seem in a early preview chronicle that’s been distributed to developers. It’s probable that this is usually a proxy exam that won’t make it into a final chronicle of a OS.

Something else we’re not certain about is a full Android P name, though Google competence have given us a spirit by display off some spring-themed cinema on its Instagram Stories yesterday, as grabbed by Android Police. Looks like a lot of popsicles there… a honeyed provide starting with P. Popsicle is trademarked, though that hasn’t stopped Google before.

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