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Google is prepping a repair for a new Home Mini volume bug

If you’ve got a Google Home Mini intelligent orator that doesn’t seem to cope good with a volume removing ramped right up, you’re not alone – it appears that some of a dinky small units will reboot if they get asked to start cranking out a tunes during limit volume.

The problem doesn’t seem to impact each Google Home Mini out there, fortunately, though a thread describing a emanate on a Google support forums has captivated quite a few posts, so there’s unequivocally something going on that shouldn’t be happening.

Now TechCrunch reports that Google has reliable a problem is a genuine one, and a repair is in a works. If your section is affected, you’ll only have to spin down a volume a small until a patched firmware gets rolled out, many approaching by a Google Home app.

Patch it up

Given a distance of a speaker, it’s not unequivocally built for pumping out a tunes anyway, that competence explain because comparatively few people have reported crashes on their Google Home Minis. Still, Google will be penetrating to stamp out a bug as fast as it can.

Google’s continued pull into creation a possess hardware inclination hasn’t all been well-spoken sailing over a final few months, with screen and audio issues inspiring some Pixel 2 handsets, and a association will be anticipating 2018 is a quieter year in terms of program patching.

Back in Oct it was discovered that a Home Mini also had a disreputable robe of recording audio when it wasn’t ostensible to, something Google dealt with by disabling a press-to-talk underline altogether. The bigger chronicle of a speaker, a Google Home Max, is approaching to go on sale this month.

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