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Google introduces Neural Networks API in developer preview of Android 8.1

Today, Google is starting to seed to devs a new developer beta (8.1) of Android Oreo.

The large prominence here is a new Neural Networks API, that brings hardware-accelerated inference to a phone for fast executing formerly lerned appurtenance training models. Bringing these calculations to a corner can move a lot of application to a finish user by shortening latency and bucket on a network, while also gripping some-more supportive information on-device.

This can come in accessible when it comes to permitting a apps on your phone to do things like systematise images or learn from how your habits envision behavior. Google pronounced they designed a Neural Networks API as a “foundational layer” for frameworks like TensorFlow Lite, Caffe2 and others.

If available, a API can make use of special AI chips on a device — or tumble behind to a CPU if that’s a usually option. Google’s new Pixel 2 phones feature such a special chip (the Pixel Visual Core) and Google formerly pronounced that it designed to spin it on once a 8.1 preview went live (so today…).

While a Neural Networks API focuses on putting some-more work on a user’s device, Google also is introducing some optimizations for Android Go in 8.1 that should assistance developers aim users of the lightweight chronicle of Android for some-more simple smartphones that Google announced during I/O this past May.

Go is all about low-specced phones with bad connectivity. This refurbish focuses on memory optimizations for inclination using reduction than 1GB of RAM; they’ve also done it so that developers can aim placement of updates to inclination formed on their complement memory if they’re using 8.1 or later.

Beyond this, a 8.1 developer preview will move some updates to Autofill so a easier for cue managers to use a framework. These updates all come in further to the expected bug rags and confidence patches.

Android 8.1 isn’t entrance to consumers until December, though if you’re a developer we can burst on a beta now.

Featured Image: Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch

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