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Google Home vs Home Mini vs Home Max: that intelligent orator is for you?

With a dirt now settling on Google’s horde of new hardware announcements, it’s time to take batch of where a Google Home family of inclination has finished up. 

There are now 3 central Google Home devices. There’s a strange Google Home speaker, that was announced behind in 2016, and a newly announced Google Home Mini and Google Home Max

Prior to a eventuality there were rumors that Google competence be scheming to announce a screen-equipped Google Home in many a same capillary as Amazon’s Echo Show, nonetheless a rumored device was nowhere to be found on a dusk itself. 

However, with 3 first-party Google Assistant speakers we now have a lot of choice if we wish to get a hunt giant’s voice partner into your home.  Here’s a outline of how a 3 speakers compare. 


The 3 speakers lay during radically opposite cost points. The Mini is a cheapest of a three, and costs usually $50 / £50 / AU$79, that is matching to Amazon’s bill Echo speaker, a Echo Dot

The customary Google Home, meanwhile, costs $130 / £120 / AU$199.

Finally, a reward Google Home Max was announced as carrying a cost tab of $400 (around £305 / AU$510), that creates it a many dear first-party intelligent orator around, some-more dear that even Apple’s premium-styled HomePod that is set to cost $350 (around £265 / AU$450). 


Although a 3 speakers follow a identical pattern template, blending purify cosmetic with colored orator meshes. 

The tiny Home Mini is accessible in 3 colors, black, grey, and coral (aka pink). Underneath a orator filigree are 4 lights that irradiate to uncover that a orator is listening to you. 

The customary Google Home orator facilities a white cosmetic bombard sitting atop a colored orator mesh. Different colored bases are accessible if we wish to customize a orator to compare your home, nonetheless by default a orator comes with a gray mesh. Its listening lights are located on a tip cosmetic of a device.

Finally, a Google Home Max is accessible in usually black or white, with a 4 listening lights being located underneath a orator filigree on a front. 

The Max is, as a name implies, a many incomparable orator than possibly a Home Mini or a Home. Although it’s got dull corners, a orator is many some-more rectilinear in appearance, and includes a choice to be mounted plumb as good as horizontally. 

Sound quality

Due to their varying distance constraints, a 3 speakers are versed with radically opposite peculiarity speakers. 

The Google Home Mini has a many simple orator setup of a three. Google advertises a 40mm motorist offers ‘360-degree’ audio. In a hands on time with a device we suspicion it sounded transparent enough, nonetheless it was really lacking in bass. 

Things get a lot improved when we pierce adult to a customary Google Home. This orator facilities twin 2-inch pacifist radiators for some combined flog in a bass, and it pairs this with a 2-inch driver. 

The Google Home Max offers a many estimable audio peculiarity of a three, and it achieves this by a mixed of hardware and software. 

On a hardware side, a new orator facilities dual 4.5-inch woofers, and mixed tweeters. Google is nonetheless to endorse a accurate specifics of these drivers. 

On a program side, a Max also has calm lonesome with a giveaway 12-month subscription to YouTube Music. It also facilities Google’s room-sensing record called Smart Sound, that apparently optamises a orator to sound a best it can in whichever room it’s located. 

The record sounds identical to what Apple is earnest a arriving HomePod is means of. 

Suffice to say, when it comes to sound quality, it looks like you’re going to get what we compensate for. 


Aside from differences in hardware, a 3 speakers will offer near-identical entrance to Google’s voice assistant. 

As such, we should be means to happily buy a Google Home Mini protected in a believe that it will be means to control your intelligent lighting usually as capably as a reward Google Home Max. 

The difference, it seems, is in how expected we are to wish to use a orator to listen to music. If we wish a intelligent orator that’s going to especially be used for environment timers and conference a weather, afterwards we can save some income with a Mini, while a Max should infer some-more than means of being a centerpiece of a party. 

Of course, we could always buy one of a countless third-party speakers versed with Google Assistant that have been popping adult all over a place, including a Harman Kardon Allure and Panasonic SC-GA10.

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