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Google hires Intel’s former conduct of farrago as VP of Diversity

Danielle Brown, Intel’s former conduct of farrago who left a association progressing this month, has landed during Google. Brown will be Google’s VP of Diversity, she posted on Twitter today.

Brown will start during Google in Jul and “will be obliged for handling a farrago and inclusion strategy, partnering with a comparison executives on this critical work,” Google wrote in a blog post.

Back in April, Brown was promoted into an expanded purpose of VP of Human Resources and Group Chief Human Resources Officer during Intel. At that time, Barbara Whye took over as Intel’s arch farrago officer. It’s not transparent who will take over Brown’s VP of HR role.

Brown assimilated Intel in 2009 as an associate for a company’s accelerated care program. For a final integrate of years, Brown has been during a forefront of Intel’s farrago efforts. In a final farrago news underneath Brown’s leadership, Intel reported it strike a idea of maintaining different employees, with a 15 percent exit rate for women and people of tone compared to a 15.5 percent exit rate for employees in infancy groups.

Brown’s employing comes about 6 months after TechCrunch schooled Google’s afterwards conduct of farrago and inclusion, Nancy Lee, was stepping down from her role.

Lee, who creatively assimilated Google’s authorised group behind in 2006, had been operative on farrago during Google for a final few years. She started her farrago efforts as executive of people operations in 2010, and became clamp boss of people operations in 2013.

In Google’s 2016 farrago report we saw that altogether illustration of women went from 30 percent womanlike in 2014 to 31 percent womanlike in 2015. But a altogether commission of black and Hispanic people did not boost during all, with altogether illustration of blacks remaining during 2 percent and Hispanics remaining during 3 percent. In 2015, usually 4 percent of Google’s hires were black and 5 percent of a hires were Hispanic.

Today, Google is still 31 percent womanlike and 2 percent black, though it’s now 4 percent Hispanic, compared to only 3 percent Hispanic in a final report.

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