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Google Assistant is a smartest assistant, according to a new study

If we spend most time chatting to a digital partner on a smart speaker or your phone, you’ll be meddlesome in a new investigate that put scarcely 5,000 questions to Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Cortana from Microsoft.

The exam by digital group Stone Temple found that Google’s AI-powered bot was a smartest of a garland overall, holding on tighten to 80 percent of queries dismissed during it and entrance adult with a right answer some-more than 9 times out of 10 for a questions it attempted to respond to. According to a study, Google Assistant is somewhat smarter on a phone than it is on a intelligent speaker.

In terms of questions where an answer was indeed attempted, Cortana sits in second place with Alexa in third. Siri languishes in fourth place, with Apple’s digital partner usually carrying a go during a small over 40 percent of a questions it was given.

Gains from 2017

Siri fared improved in answer correctness – it might usually have attempted a response for 4 out of 10 queries, nonetheless of a answers it gave, 8 out of 10 were accurate. That still wasn’t adequate to lift it out of fourth place though, as all a other assistants still achieved better.

Stone Temple indeed ran a same exam final year, with Google Assistant once again entrance out on top. However, both Alexa and Cortana have done large strides brazen when it comes to series of attempted answers compared with 2017, so there’s not most respirating space for relief for Google Assistant.

Some of a questions a apps struggled with were “who is a voice of Darth Vader?” and “how to make sand?”, so it would seem these bots aren’t utterly prepared to take over a universe yet. You can see a full news over during the Stone Temple blog.

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