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Get picture-perfect movies at home with Samsung QLED

As filmmaking tools have become more advanced and 4K TV technology continues to grow exponentially, the line separating the cinema and the lounge room has started to disappear. It’s now possible to achieve a home viewing experience that just about rivals your local multiplex in terms of picture quality and sound, regardless of whether you’re watching a blockbuster film or binging the latest season of your favourite show.

Now, thanks Samsung’s 2018 Quantum Dot technology, you can get a true cinematic experience at home, with enhanced blacks, vibrant colours and other incredible features that combine to create the most true-to-life images Samsung’s ever produced.

From the moment you lay eyes on a Samsung QLED television, you’ll likely be struck by how bright and vivid the picture is. While many sets boast 4K resolutions and HDR support, what sets Samsung’s new QLED TVs apart is its combination of technological advancements, which come together to display your shows and movies at their full potential.

In order to explain just how Samsung’s QLED TVs can deliver such mind-blowing pictures and amazing viewing experiences, let’s take a quick dive into what makes the tech behind these screens unique, and how it’s specifically designed to bring your movies and TV shows to life.

Why Quantum Dots?

It’s not uncommon for today’s TVs to boast colour palettes in the millions, but Samsung’s QLED televisions go above and beyond that with the capability to display over a billion colours thanks to the power of Quantum Dots. By using these (photoluminescent dots as well as standard LCD pixels, Samsung’s QLED TVs bring additional light to the colour spectrum, meaning they can display stunningly vivid colours without tipping into over-saturation. Quantum Dots allow QLED TVs to achieve life-like colours with startling accuracy, making them the most advanced tellies Samsung has developed to date. Combined with a 4K resolution, Quantum Dot technology allows you to experience greater detail than ever before on a Samsung TV.

Achieving enhanced blacks

In order to achieve a great balance of deep blacks and bright whites, Samsung’s 2018 range of QLED televisions have employed a new backlighting system with full-array local dimming. Most LED TVs are edge-lit — a technology which shoots light across the screen from the sides of the TV, something which can limit how much the brightness and black levels of individual areas can be controlled. Full-array local dimming takes backlighting to the next level by placing hundreds of tiny backlights across the entire panel, allowing Samsung’s QLED TVs to apply brightness and contrast with much greater control and accuracy than Samsung has been able to apply previously. For the viewer, this means deeper immersion in whatever you’re watching, allowing you to witness more precise detail in the darkness, with less light bleeding into the blackness than previous Samsung TVs.

Next-level high dynamic range with HDR10+

High dynamic range, or HDR, has changed the lounge room TV experience, as sets with the new tech can display a much wider colour gamut and vastly improved contrast compared to TVs without it. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg — Samsung’s advanced HDR10+ technology takes the format a step further by employing metadata to adjust the dynamic-range of supported shows and movies available on HDR10+ content on a scene by scene basis, unlike regular HDR, which applies a set brightness level across the entire duration of a video.  Currently, HDR10+ content is available on Amazon Prime. 

A 10-year ‘no burn-in’ guarantee

Certain TV display technologies can still suffer from burn-in after extended periods of use, but QLED TVs are designed to ensure that the amazing colours and details you see today will stay burn-free for years to come without leaving any on-screen ghosts. That’s because Quantum Dots are inorganic, making Samsung’s QLED displays especially resistant to damage from burn-in. In fact, Samsung is so confident in the continued quality and consistency of its QLED TVs that each 2018 set comes with a 10-year ‘No Screen Burn’ guarantee. 

With a Samsung QLED,  you’ll be able to watch your current favourites – and new ones to come – in incredible quality and with added peace of mind.

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