Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Game of Thrones premiere proves too most for Foxtel’s new streaming service

A lot was roving on a successful premiere of Game of Thrones‘ much-anticipated seventh season, with a part giving a newly-launched streaming use Foxtel Now a biggest exam to date. The use even launched a PS4 app usually in time for Jon Snow and Co. to lapse to a screens.

Unfortunately, a vigour was too most for a use to handle, with a Foxtel Now complement crashing underneath a weight of an “unprecedented rush for a subscription usually before to a telecast,” as explained by Foxtel’s central matter on a matter (subscriptions saw a 40% arise in a 48 hours before to final night’s screening). Foxtel’s Identity Management System, that customarily handles around 5,000 patron processes a day was strike generally hard, with 70,000 exchange in a space of a few hours.

“We are committed to solution a technical faults immediately and together with a promote partners around a world, we are giving this a same grade of priority.”

The error doesn’t distortion wholly on Foxtel though, with HBO’s possess technical systems unwell to broach calm in a series locations around a globe. As HBO is reportedly reluctant to give a calm partners entrance to a shows before they’ve premiered globally, Game of Thrones contingency be streamed mainly from a US HBO servers. 

Game of Groans

This, total with a remarkable rush of new Foxtel Now signups, caused a whole complement to crash. Still, given that a pile-up usually occurred several hours after a show’s 11.00am AEST airing in Australia, we would’ve approaching a part to have been placed on Foxtel’s internal servers, prepared for a primetime rush during 6-7pm.

While this premiere was positively a outrageous aria on Foxtel Now’s system, a use unequivocally should have approaching a additional courtesy and prepared itself accordingly. 

As a service, Foxtel Now wants to be seen as a halt to piracy, generally when it comes to a HBO calm a pays handsomely for. But Foxtel clearly needs to do a lot improved if it truly wants to modify a pirates. We’ll be energetically expecting saying either a use can mount adult to a aria with destiny episodes — and a disaster to broach will positively pull many Australian Game of Thrones fans behind towards a bandit option.

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