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Galaxy S8+ review: The destiny of Android is now

Updated 05/31/17: You can now buy a wholly unbarred Galaxy S8 and S8+ from Best Buy stores, BestBuy.com, and Samsung.com, as good as by conduit stores.

Samsung has finally kick Apple during a possess game.

While a Galaxy S has been regarded for years as a best Android phone income can buy (at slightest until a Pixel came around), it’s always existed in a iPhone’s extensive shadow. Even with a aloft marketplace share, a widespread OS, and a years-long lead on facilities like shade distance and H2O resistance, a Galaxy S has stayed usually out of strech of a iPhone zeitgeist. No matter how most it attempted to emanate a possess end-to-end experience, Apple fans saw it as a copycat and Android enthusiasts lamented a assertive TouchWiz interface overhaul.

All that has altered with a Galaxy S8+. With a overwhelming pattern that positively needs to be seen and a agreeable formation between hardware and OS, a Galaxy S8+ is a initial phone in a prolonged while that truly changes a review and resets a expectations. It competence be a hold hyperbolic to review it to a strange iPhone, yet it’s tough to repudiate that a S8+ is a watershed impulse for complicated smartphones, notwithstanding a comfortless and confounding chain of a fingerprint sensor. After years of barely-distinguishable rectangles tangled with facilities of indeterminate usefulness, Samsung has brought something wholly new to a table.

And when a iPhone 8 comes out in September, people competence not demeanour during it utterly so admiringly.

Most of what we review here also relates to a smaller Galaxy S8, which we reviewed here.

Impossible dream

If we didn’t know improved we would have yet Samsung sent me a wrong phone. The S8+ doesn’t demeanour or feel anywhere nearby as large as it is, with a shade that creates other phablets seem tiny by comparison, notwithstanding a most smaller frame.

galaxys8 compare Christopher Hebert/IDG

The Galaxy S8, center, has a 6.2-inch screen, yet is about a same distance as a 5.7-inch HTC U Ultra (left) and a 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus (right).

Even after regulating it for several days, it’s still tough to trust that a S8+ has 6.2-inch display. At 159.5mm tall, it most defies logic. Consider this: it’s smaller than a HTC U Ultra, and usually a few millimeters taller than Galaxy S7 Edge, Pixel XL, and LG G6 yet somehow adds a full half-inch of shade (and in a box of a Pixel and S7, scarcely three-quarters of an inch). It’s like holding an visual illusion.

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