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Galaxy S8 owners complain of burn-in display borkage

THE GALAXY S8 can’t catch a break. Not only is it reportedly suffering from red-tinted display issues, it’s also allegedly susceptible to burn-in. 

So says the Korea Herald, which has heard from one disgruntled Galaxy S8 owner that there are burnt-in pixels showing in the lower part of the screen where the Samsung’s pressure-sensitive on-screen home button sits.  According to the publication, the user claimed it has been a little over a week since they first picked up the phone. 

Similarly, users on Reddit have been quick to voice their concerns about potential burn-in borkage. Reddit user Kougeru over the weekend posted an image of his Galaxy S8 suffering the burn-in issue, while other Reddit users noted similar experiences in the comments.

Another Reddit user spoke out about the issue, saying: “went to Verizon today. All S8 displays had burn in. Is it a concern?

Samsung has an answer to that question, and the answer is apparently no. The firm says that it has an algorithm in place to prevent burn-ins, and the firm last week revealed that the virtual home button changes position ever so slightly so that it can rest some of the pixels in the region.

“Whether the consumer’s claim turns out to be true or not remains to be seen. At the moment, we are not receiving reports of other cases,” the Samsung spokesperson added.

This apparently burn-in issue has come to light just weeks after Galaxy S8 users started complaining of a ‘reddish tint’ to the smartphone’s display. One user told the Korea Herald: “After I read articles that there are many reddish panels, I checked mine. I was also unlucky. Should I change it?”

Samsung initially responded to the complaints by saying that there’s not really a problem and that users should be able to adjust the setting on the device itself. 

However, some users still said they were not able to adjust the colour because the display panel was already optimised, and Samsung has since said that it will roll out a software update to fix the issue. µ 



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