Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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G Suite admins can now whitelist connected apps

Google is rising a new feature for IT admins currently that will make it easier for them to concede employees to use third-party apps in multiple with a G Suite capability tools.

Like identical services, Google uses a OAuth standard to concede users of third-party apps (think email apps or calendaring services) to entrance their association data. While Google offers copiousness of collection to equivocate information steam from a possess services, though, there’s no pledge that third-party services will do a same, and that apparently creates IT admins a bit nervous. With this new whitelisting feature, admins can now control that third-party apps will can get entrance to corporate data.

Once this is set up, users can simply substantiate over OAuth and sanction entrance to their G Suite information like before, and IT can nap soundly meaningful that usually certified apps can get to their data. Using this tool, admins can conduct API entrance to Gmail, Drive, Calendar and Contacts.

This new underline complements existent G Suite confidence collection like Google’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) collection for Google Drive and Gmail, that automatically indicate effusive emails and common files for supportive information and safeguard that your users can’t send emails that embody full amicable confidence or driver’s permit numbers, for example.


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