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Free collection for your cyber-security efforts

There are some-more giveaway information confidence collection out there than we can prominence with a fist full of whiteboard pointers. While many are hearing ware-based enticements designed to captivate preference makers to squeeze a pricey reward counterparts of these freebies, many are full-blown utilities. A few critical categories embody hazard comprehension tools, collection to build confidence in during a growth stage, invasion testers, and forensics tools.

Threat comprehension collection embody AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange, that collects and shares online hazard comprehension as good as a Hailataxii and hazard exchanges. There are a accumulation of SAST (Static Application Security Testing) collection for confidence contrast program applications that developers write regulating opposite languages either C/C++, Ruby on Rails, or Python. For invasion testing, we benefaction a Nmap Security Scanner and a broadly useful Wireshark network custom analyzer. Specific forensics products embody a GRR remote debate framework, and Autopsy and SleuthKit, that investigate tough drives and smartphones, and a Volatility Foundation’s open source horizon for memory analysis/forensics.

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