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Forced Windows 10 upgrades? Absolutely not, insists Microsoft

Microsoft’s corporate clamp boss of a Windows and Devices group, Yusuf Mehdi, has definitely denied claims that Microsoft is auto-installing Windows 10 on users’ PCs. 

Mehdi claimed that users are given a ability to opt-out from upgrading around a “prompt”, though has certified to some “confusion” over how accurately to do it.

Mehdi was vocalization to Computing at Microsoft’s Build 2016 developers’ discussion in San Francisco, California, responding to widespread complaints of neglected Windows 10 upgrades

Mehdi was adamant: “No. We positively do not auto-install Windows 10. You have to take pithy accede to ask for a upgrade. So we do not do that. One hundred per cent.”

Convinced? If not, he carried on: “There’s some confusion, though we have to select to contend ‘Hey, we wish a upgrade’ and we prompt we beforehand.”

Fair enough, though afterwards Mehdi altered hook a little: “If for some reason we implement it and we wish to hurl back, for 31 days, it’s literally a integrate of clicks – impossibly quick – and you’re back, since we kept a state of a appurtenance prior,” he said. “So in a minds we wish we to select it, and to adore it, though if we don’t, to be means to go behind easily.”

Which wasn’t accurately what we asked, though we wish it creates everybody feel most happier that if Windows 10 happens to implement itself during your lunch mangle for reasons you, your IT department or, apparently, Microsoft can’t explain, during slightest it’s easy to fix. Er, yup.

We also asked Mehdi what would occur if a complement was set to automatically accept Recommended Updates, as is a devise early subsequent year according to a blog post created in Oct 2015, and Windows 10 was among them?

“If we select to have a endorsed choice where we update, contend ‘Yes we wish updates installed’, we consider it will apply,” he replied. “I’m not 100 per cent certain either it prompts we to contend a updates have been commissioned or not, though like we contend if during any indicate you’ve updated and we don’t wish it, we can only uninstall.”

At this point, a PR chairman chipped in to remind us that a Recommended Update devise hasn’t kicked in yet, and that we’ll all be sensitive when it has. “We wish each user to feel like they’re in control of a update, and with no warn they didn’t know it was coming,” Mehdi emphasised. “I wish to be super transparent that that’s what we caring about.”

The Windows 10 giveaway upgrade, presumably including today’s supposed Windows Anniversary Update, runs until 29 Jul after that … well, we asked Mehdi about that too.

“It runs by 29 Jul and after that we’re still reckoning out a accurate skeleton of what happens. We’ll share that as we get closer,” he said.

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