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Fnatic Clutch G1 Gaming Mouse

Enjoyable PC-gaming practice cry out for a good mouse; newcomers to PC gaming mostly don’t comprehend what they’re blank out on by regulating ordinary, office-style peripherals in play. The aloft class of rodent that critical gamers need, versed with worldly pattern software, typically clocks in during some-more than $50.

With a Clutch G1, Fnatic Gear stepped adult in an try to broach that same peculiarity for a bit less. This rodent was going for $45 from a few U.S. resellers when we wrote this. (The list cost was $54.99, or about 45 euros.) It’s a initial square of rigging we’ve set hands on by this London-based company, that is heavily concerned in a worldwide e-sports scene.

Fnatic Clutch Gaming Mouse (Main Image)

As for a rodent proper, though?  This is one for gamers who don’t do many in a proceed of by-pass programming on a rodent side. You get usually dual ride buttons and dual fortitude changers, while we can find, nonetheless looking too hard, $40 gaming mice that have 8 sum buttons.

Also, while it offers some modernized functionality during an appealing price, we had a few quibbles with a pattern application and, some-more crucially, with a mouse’s slip pads. On a whole, it’s a decent effort, nonetheless depending on your gaming character and elite diversion genre, these issues competence impact we a little, a bunch, or not during all. Let’s puncture in.


The neat Clutch G1 has a right-handed pattern that works good for scratch or palm grips. The rodent is done wholly out of cosmetic and sports an LED-lit rodent wheel. The circle changes tone depending on a tracking (“CPI”) preset that’s now in use, and it also supports RGB-range tweaking around Fnatic’s software. The dual spin buttons immediately behind a circle assistance with switching by a CPI presets. 

Fnatic Clutch Gaming Mouse (Wheel Area)

Along a left corner of a rodent you’ll find dual ride triggers (“mouse3” and “mouse4”). Three indicator lights (in a physique groove, above a right ride button) vigilance your stream CPI setting.

Fnatic Clutch Gaming Mouse (Left Edge)

Three slip pads line a bottom aspect of a mouse, and rather than being slick, they do means a bit some-more drag than on many mice we’ve used. We didn’t have too many of a problem with this and usually switched to a aloft CPI environment to compensate, depending on a mousing surface. Hard-core gamers, though, competence wish to deposit in a set of aftermarket Teflon feet/skates, such as those from Hyperglide or Corepad/Mouse Skatez.

Fnatic Clutch Gaming Mouse (Underside)

Like many gaming-geared equipment, a Clutch G1 comes versed with a braided-jacket cable. In a good touch, a wire has a slight ceiling lean where it connects to a mouse. This helps forestall nonessential wire drag.

Fnatic Clutch Gaming Mouse (Cable)

The Clutch G1 is a absolutely made mouse, and a ergonomically supportive will conclude a peaceful contours of this model’s shell. When it comes to ergonomics, though, mice like a Corsair Glaive RGB we recently tested do a many improved pursuit of providing comfort for some-more palm shapes, with facilities such as textured hit zones and tractable ride grips. However, a G1 still provides a substantial alleviation over Fnatic’s prior model, a Flick G1 Optical, that had usually one CPI composition symbol and no wire braiding.

Features Performance Testing

In a march of a tests, a Clutch G1 achieved smoothly. Before we continue, though, let’s make certain that a readers know a duty and significance of CPI, or “counts per inch,” as Fnatic calls it. Also ordinarily remarkable as dots per in. (DPI), CPI measures how distant your pointer should pierce in suit to your palm suit and, in terms of feel, translates into rodent “sensitivity.”

Switching CPI settings on a fly can be utterly useful, generally in first-person shooter (FPS) games. Cranking adult a CPI to your mouse’s fastest environment will concede we to pierce some-more fast and blast by foes during tighten range. Moving a rodent to a slowest CPI preset will assistance we when we need to aim with precision; a center environment competence assistance when relocating around a map. 

In contrast, a rodent that thatch we to a singular CPI environment means that all is a compromise, and that that singular environment is not utterly right in many situations—at least, not after you’ve grown used to carrying energetic CPI settings during your disposal.

You can get flattering granular here with CPI. Fnatic’s pattern module allows we to fine-tune 3 dissimilar profiles, any analogous to one of 3 CPI levels…

Fnatic Clutch Gaming Mouse (CPI)

You cycle by these regulating a mouse’s dual spin buttons. As we mentioned, LED indicators that run along a rodent corner idea we in to that form is active. In any profile, we can change a CPI of a X and Y axes individually, and set a polling rate (the series of times per second that a rodent sends a pointer position to a computer), a pointer attraction (the speed a pointer moves onscreen as a singular value, eccentric of a CPI), a corkscrew speed, and a compulsory double-click speed.

And those are usually a basic settings. The controls on a Button Assignments add-on concede we to adjust what any symbol does, including left and right clicks. The tone settings concede we to set a mouse-wheel tone (up to 16.8 million colors, around RGB LEDs) for any profile—a second accessible way, beside a white LEDs, to remind yourself that one you’re using. Other tone controls let we spin on tone cycling for rainbow effects, as good as foreordain a tone power and depth. 

Fnatic Clutch Gaming Mouse (Lighting)

The final add-on offers what appears to be a normal macro recorder. If we are not careful, though, a feature effectively can invalidate keystrokes from induction if we tighten a module betimes while recording a macro. The usually proceed we found to mislay this was to restart a computer. At first, we were confused and didn’t comprehend a inlet of a problem. As contrast went on, we managed to trigger a same blunder a second time, heading to some vital disappointment as we tried, nonetheless success, to find an reason online. The pivotal thing: Be clever to stop your recording before shutting a Fnatic program. If we do that, you’ll find a module to be a simple, nonetheless functional, macro-recording utility.

Other than that stumble, a usually nitpick with a pattern module was a miss of means to revise rodent acceleration. This is a rate of boost in a mouse-pointer speed, ramping adult to full speed, when your hand/arm transformation is constant. You generally don’t wish rodent acceleration intent in FPS games, since it creates a stretch lonesome by rodent motions inconsistent. In top-down games, though, acceleration allows for some-more pointing with reduce sensitivity.

Fnatic boasts on a product page that a Clutch G1 uses Omron switches for a buttons. Omron has an determined repute for creation high-quality switches, and a D2FC-F-7N indication used by a G1 stays on standard with a peculiarity of Omron’s products. The G1’s clicks are pleasing and responsive, nonetheless usually for a left and right clicks.

Gamers mostly cite opposite weights to their mice, and some models cause in removable weight modules we can supplement or mislay according to your tastes or favorite diversion type. The Clutch G1 doesn’t, nonetheless a weight (116 grams, or 4.1 ounces) finds a center belligerent between complicated and light that creates it gentle for possibly preference. This all-things proceed also relates to a contouring and how a rodent can be gripped. There are dual categorical “styles” of hold for holding a mouse. “Claw” character has we rest some-more on your fingertips, creation a scratch figure with your hand. “Palm” hold has we lay your palm opposite a mouse, regulating a prosaic of your fingers to make clicks. We played around regulating both hold forms and found a rodent gentle possibly way.

Fnatic Clutch Gaming Mouse (Angle View)

Our final note concerns a bottom of a mouse. As mentioned earlier, 3 slip pads line a underside, formulating a tiny volume of drag. When personification MOBAs and MMOs we didn’t notice it much, nonetheless FPS games were a opposite story. In many rival shooters, it’s common to lift your wrist and use your whole arm to pierce a mouse. While worried during first, it formula in aloft sharpened correctness and faster reactions.

When regulating this whole-arm play character with a Clutch G1’s feet, though, a drag was a problem. Aiming indeed changed a rodent pad, rather than a rodent itself. We mentioned progressing that branch adult a CPI settings can repair this, nonetheless that usually relates to wrist-down users. FPS players competence find purchasing Teflon feet—or a opposite rodent or rodent pad altogether—to be a improved solution.


Overall, a Clutch G1 is a important adequate mouse. It lends itself good to whatever hold character we prefer, has pleasing switches (if usually for left and right clicks), and has generally discerning pattern software, save usually for a need to troubleshoot that macro-recorder error. (Let a troubles assistance we equivocate that.) The Clutch G1 looks sleek, and it’s conjunction unusually complicated nor light in use. Though a bottom creates some drag, we can boost your CPI to recompense or usually squeeze Teflon feet.

While a Clutch G1 delivers a excellent experience, we shouldn’t omit a immeasurable operation of mice accessible in this cost operation from Corsair, Cougar, SteelSeries, Razer, and others. It stumbles a bit compared to a best of this lot, that tend to have some-more modernized pattern software. One good choice is the Corsair Glaive RGB we mentioned earlier, that is a tad pricier (about $65 to $70, during this writing) nonetheless has 5 CPI profiles, an tractable grip, and improved bottom-side slickness. Some comparison models that debuted during good over $50 have slid underneath that mark, as well. You can find a garland of other good possibilities at our mouse-review info center, that shows a best-rated rodent reviews to date, or in a latest roundup of MMO gaming mice.

Fnatic Clutch Gaming Mouse (Box)


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