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Flux brings the digital faithfulness stamps to U.K. challenger bank Starling

Flux, a London fintech startup founded by former early employees during Revolut, has deepened a partnership with U.K. challenger bank Starling to supplement Flux-powered faithfulness points to Starling’s mobile banking app.

It builds on progressing Flux formation that sees Starling support item-level digital profits powered by Flux and upheld merchants (to date, this includes all 111 EAT stores in a U.K. and Bel-Air).

Here’s how a new faithfulness functionality works: Once you’ve enabled Flux within a Starling app, we simply spend during upheld merchants regulating Starling and any faithfulness rewards we acquire are automatically displayed in your Starling comment alongside a entirely item-level digital receipt. After we have accrued adequate faithfulness to validate for a giveaway item, Flux will send cash-back to your Starling comment on interest of a Flux retailer.

The thought is to make faithfulness stamps digital in a same proceed as receipts, that not usually reduces unwieldy use of paper, though also speeds adult a checkout routine and creates faithfulness something we — as a patron — never have to unequivocally consider about.

This tallies with investigate undertaken by Deloitte, that Flux is citing, that says nonetheless 41 percent of U.K. consumers use code faithfulness schemes, an estimated 10.3 million people possess new faithfulness points that sum some-more than £4.5 billion.

(Of course, if everybody did redeem their giveaway items, we have to consternation what a net outcome on a faithfulness schemes on offer would be, though that is substantially a contention for a opposite day).

Now of course, Flux/Starling isn’t a initial to offer digital loyalty, even for in-store as against to online purchases. Card joining has been around for a while, with vital banks also jumping on that bandwagon. Meanwhile, services like Yoyo Wallet are creation a digital faithfulness play around a bespoke app and remuneration process (Yoyo has also integrated with Starling).

However, what creates Flux engaging is a proceed it wants to confederate during a banking app turn in sequence to offer a combined perspective of your warranted faithfulness points opposite all your bank accounts.

This means in speculation that if we acquire Flux points with one bank card, they’ll be displayed in and can be redeemed from any other bank cards/accounts that we have also related Flux to. This tiny pieces, loosely assimilated proceed is during a really heart of Open Banking and Flux’s longer tenure plan as an FCA certified AISP (Account Information Service Provider).

The fintech startup is already operative with Barclays and Monzo, in further to Starling. I’m told that providing combined views opposite payments accounts with enriched information is pivotal to Flux’s plan for a year.

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