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Fiverr acquires And Co, builder of program for freelancers

It sounds like a healthy fit: Fiverr, an online marketplace where businesses can sinecure freelancers, is appropriation And Co, a New York City startup building online collection that freelancers can use conduct their customer relationships.

What’s startling is a new cost that Fiverr CEO Micha Kaufman skeleton to assign for And Co’s program — positively free.

Kaufman explained that many of And Co’s capabilities, such as invoicing, are “baked into” a Fiverr marketplace. However, “the fact is that a immeasurable infancy of freelancing is function offline” — and Kaufman wants to capacitate those offline relationships, even if they engage freelancers who don’t use Fiverr during all.

Does that sound a bit too altruistic? Well, it could be a right approach to assistance a association strech new freelancers, and to build faithfulness among a ones already on a platform.

Kaufman pronounced he’s aiming to take a some-more “holistic” perspective of a freelancer community: “We consider this investment in that village is going to offer all of us.” And he remarkable that And Co is a comparatively immature and tiny association (it was founded in 2015), while Fiverr is “raising some-more income and generating some-more capital, that allows us to take collection like a collection of And Co and only make them free.”

He combined that even yet a program will be accessible for free, Fiverr has “a roadmap for a subsequent few years … and a full fasten to continue investing in it.”

And Co was started during a Prehype incubator, and it raised a $2 million seed round led by Thrive Capital in 2016. The financial terms of a merger were not disclosed, though Kaufman pronounced And Co will continue to work as a apart code for now, with a whole group fasten Fiverr.

“Having a event to join a Fiverr group is an prolongation of AND CO’s strange goal of enabling people to concentration on a work they adore most,” pronounced And Co co-founder and CEO Leif Abraham in a announcement.

Featured Image: Fiverr

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