Thursday , 16 August 2018
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First look: Samsung Galaxy Note7 adds enterprise features to a consumer phone

For several years now, the consumerization of IT — the use of personal devices and services at work — has been an issue in the news and in the boardroom. With its latest phone, the Galaxy Note7, Samsung has almost literally reversed the trend and brought the concerns of business — specifically, data security — to a consumer phone.

The Note7 starts presales on Wednesday and ships on Aug. 19. (At the time of this writing, prices were not yet available; the phone was expected to be available from major carriers with an unlocked version being offered sometime in the future.)
It offers two new security features, one of which — the Secure Folder — offers the kind of container solution that has, up until now, been available almost solely for enterprise use.

Secure Folder uses Samsung’s Knox platform to create a separate area for any data that you want to keep private: financial data, work email and/or contacts, work social networking accounts, medical records, etc. For those who use their phones for both work and personal tasks, and who have been reluctant to cede the administration of their phones completely to IT (which is often required), this could be a good solution, since Secure Folder is completely within the control of the phone’s user.

The second addition is iris recognition, which (as demonstrated by Samsung reps) could make it even simpler to maintain the security of your smartphone’s contents. Only a single person can use iris recognition at one time; other security measures, such as fingerprint recognition and the ever-faithful PINs, are also available.

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