Saturday , 21 July 2018
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Firefox to ape Chrome and add anti-ad filter in 2018

Mozilla plans to follow Google by adding an ad filter to its Firefox browser this fall, the company noted in an open-to-all 2018 roadmap released last week.

“Over the next year or so, Firefox will take a stand against tracking, intrusive ads, and other dark patterns on the web by blocking the worst content and more clearly communicating the privacy and other protections the browser offers,” wrote Asa Dotzler, the Mozilla product manager in charge of the Firefox roadmap, in the online document.

Dotzler described the Firefox filtering – slated to show up before the end of the third quarter – only in the broadest strokes. The browser will filter “certain types of ads by default,” he said, adding that Mozilla is currently “researching [the] types of advertisements that should be blocked.”

Whether by design or not, Dotzler’s description resembles Google’s portrayal of the ad filtering system the search firm added to Chrome in February. Google, like Mozilla, called the feature a filter rather than more common blocker, the label for software that scrubs all online ads from website pages.

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