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Fatboy ransomware-as-a-service changes coercion turn formed on The Economist’s McDonald’s Index

A new ransomware ‘service’ has emerged in Russian malware forums that claims that users can adjust a turn of coercion demanded from victims according to their location. 

The malware, called Fatboy, was unclosed by a threat-finding association called Recorded Future, that claims to have unclosed an announcement for Fatboy, placed on a Russian malware forum by a member called ‘Polnowz’.

The announcement is for a ransomware use that can change charges depending on where a plant lives.

For example, a plant vital somewhere with a comparatively high customary of vital would be charged a higher fee for a lapse of their encrypted and ransomed files than someone vital somewhere comparatively poor. 

“The Fatboy ransomware is energetic in a approach it targets a victims: a volume of release demanded is dynamic by a victim’s location,” says Diana Granger, a youth technical hazard researcher at Recorded Future. 

She continued: “According to polnowz, Fatboy uses a remuneration intrigue formed on The Economist’s Big Mac Index… meaning that victims in areas with a aloft cost of vital will be charged some-more to have their information decrypted.”

The McDonald’s Index is an spontaneous apparatus devised by The Economist to review acceleration and a comparatively wealth of opposite countries by regulating a cost of Big Macs as a indicate of comparison.

The Fatboy malware is so distant operative out OK for a author, according to Granger, who claimed that they had warranted a supposed $5,321 from their efforts.

Fatboy is apparently something of a partnership effort, and is really transparent, A full list of a capabilities are provided, enclosed a encryption sum and remuneration options.


“The turn of clarity in a Fatboy RaaS [ransomware-as-a-service] partnership might be a plan to fast benefit a trust of intensity buyers. Additionally, a involuntary cost composition underline shows an seductiveness in customising malware formed on a targeted victim,” adds Granger.

“Organisations should be wakeful of a affability of Fatboy, as good as other ransomware products, and invariably refurbish their cyber confidence strategies as these threats evolve.”

Microsoft has Fatboy down as Trojan: Win32/Fatboy and lists it as a serious threat. However it adds that Windows Defender Anti-virus can already detect and mislay it. 

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