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Facetune maker’s newest app, Enlight Photofox, is a absolute picture editor

Lightricks, a builder of a renouned selfie-correcting app Facetune, is debuting a new photo-editing app currently called Enlight Photofox. This is a second time that Lightricks has launched a subsequent era of an existent app as an wholly new, standalone focus — a plan that’s still rather singular on today’s App Store, outward of sequels to games, like Monument 2 or Candy Crush Soda Saga, for example.

Instead, normal app makers are mostly approaching to hurl out upgrades to existent users indefinitely — during least, according to their apps’ user base. That’s not always fair, deliberation how most time and appetite are put into some of their bigger upgrades — like whole redesigns, stretched underline sets or a launch of an iPad version, among other things.

A handful of developers have found ways to work around a App Store’s miss of paid upgrades, though. For instance, when Tweetbot expelled a new chronicle of a Twitter app, it finished both a aged and new one as a “bundle,” that authorised it to ascent existent business to a new recover by a “complete my bundle” feature.

Lightricks, on a other hand, has taken a opposite path.

When it launched a Facetune supplement final year, it also introduced a new business indication for a company. While a original app is a $3.99 paid download though in-app purchases, Facetune 2 is a giveaway download charity in-app purchases for particular features; and it offers a subscription choice that provides total entrance to all facilities and content.

Enlight Photofox, similarly, is a large ascent to Lightricks’ existent app, Enlight.

The strange app, by approach of background, was Apple’s App of a Year for 2015, a No. 11 best-selling paid iOS app in 2016 and a target of an Apple Design Award in 2017.

In further to a full apartment of modifying collection that come giveaway with a bottom chronicle of a new app, Photofox introduces a Photoshop-inspired layers system, that allows we to mix mixed photos, consistent them and merging them along a way.

You can revise a particular layers, erase equipment from backgrounds, control a opacity of an image, renovate a shape, distance and perspective, flip layers plumb or horizontally, fill layers with colors or patterns and more.

Meanwhile, a new Darkroom underline gives we granular control over adjustments to things like tone, contrariety and picture details.

Some of Photofox’s collection come free, like those to conclude a board size, supplement vignettes and blurs, or impersonate analog light, while others are paid, like those to reanimate defects or reshape objects,

Plus, Photofox ships with new content, like fonts, striking elements, presets and more, that can be used with a images. This collection is accessible on subscription and will be updated periodically.

  1. 5_Presets

  2. 3_Layers

  3. 4_Mask

  4. 2_Elements

  5. 1_DoubleX

The new facilities and collection are designed to support to some-more modernized users — as with Facetune 2. Though a giveaway app is absolute adequate to use on a own, we can opt to compensate for full entrance to all a new facilities for $3.99 per month, or $19.99 per year. A lifetime squeeze is accessible for $39.99, as well.

Until a launch of Facetune 2, Lightricks was usually focused on offered paid units of Facetune and Enlight. Ahead of a change to subscriptions, a association was creation around $10 million a year in revenue. (It has sole 11 million paid units of a apps to date.)

“This change [to subscriptions] is so distant display some sparkling early data, with consumer LTVs [lifetime value] rising to as distant as about an sequence of bulk above a prior business models, enabling a association to build an even some-more strong and low set of collection and technologies to use their customers’ creativity needs on mobile,” a Lightricks repute explained.

The association also says it expects to finish 2017 with a poignant strike to revenue, though records it’s too early to speak numbers. It’s formulation to recover some-more apps with a subscription business indication in a future, too.

Enlight Photofox is a free download on a App Store.

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