Sunday , 24 June 2018
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Faception can allegedly tell if you’re a terrorist just by analyzing your face

An unnamed homeland security agency has signed a contract with a company that claims it can “reveal” your personality “with a high level of accuracy” just by analyzing your face, be that facial image captured via photo, live-streamed video, or stored in a database. It then sorts people into categories; with some labels as potentially dangerous such as terrorist or pedophile, it is disturbing that some experts believe the science behind it is antiquated, has previously been discredited, and the results are inaccurate.

Israeli start-up Faception, a facial personality profiling company, told The Washington Post that “a homeland security agency” has signed a contract to use Faception to help spot terrorists. The “computer vision and machine learning technology” can even be integrated into other facial recognition tech “to provide a full spectrum solution that covers known and anonymous individuals.”

Faception processFaception

Faceception CEO Shai Gilboa added, “Our personality is determined by our DNA and reflected in our face. It’s a kind of signal.” On the company’s site, the “science” behind the technology that can supposedly predict a person’s behavior and personality was described as:

  • According to Social and Life Science research personalities are affected by genes.
  • Our face is a reflection of our DNA.

People may judge other people by their faces, but the “science” of judging a book by its cover via face reading, or physiognomy, was basically “discredited and rejected” by the late 19th century. It’s one thing for a person to make a snap judgement based on appearance and another thing entirely to use Faception to “enrich your profile database with a variety of personality scores” and “turn unknown individuals into known ones.”

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